Action vs. Activity

There is a significant distinction between Action and Activity. Most people are obsessed with activity and have no clue about what constitutes action. They run around setting things off in motion but never get around finishing anything. They are busy but not very productive. They give themselves a false sense of security which has only the appearance of abundance but it’s nothing short of total scarcity.[googmonify]4494413162:right:250:250[/googmonify]

Action is spontaneous and requires little or no effort. Activity is reactive and saps your energy. If you are involved in activity you will lose so much energy that when you’re finally ready for action there is no energy left to do the job at hand.

An example of action is when you are hungry and you eat. An example of activity is when you are not hungry and you go on eating anyway! Where action has purpose activity is aimless. Action focuses and responds to the task at hand but activity is fragmented and reacts to situations. Some activities include watching TV, doing the same thing over and over, holding a job you don’t like, talking randomly, gossiping, gambling, smoking, etc. etc.

If you want to succeed you take action after action after action. If you want mediocrity or worse; financial fears, you engage in an endless string of activities. Busy mind produces activity where silent mind produces action. All the noise and clutter in your mind gives rise to useless activities that will bankrupt your very heart and soul. Did you know that most of mankind’s troubles stem from an inability to sit in a room alone in silence?

Noise distorts our perception of reality where we no longer can exercise free will. Like a machine we act in accordance with the software and like a machine we never experience any growth. All that being said, which is a sad state of affairs, the whole process is in fact reversible. The better news is that anyone could do it. So Sam, if it’s so easy, why doesn’t everyone do it? No one said it was going to be easy. It takes discipline and practice. For many of us it’s easier to stay where it’s comfortable so we can avoid going where it takes work. For those who wish to reverse the process and enjoy greater happiness, here are some tips.

Practice silence every day whenever it’s possible. Remember what makes the music is the silence between the notes. Be quiet in your office or your home. It can even be your car if you promise to keep your eyes open and on the road. Be quiet in meditation or pray silently to your spiritual source, whatever it may be. When you meditate or pray you go within. This will open the door to an inner clarity about who you are and why you were born. Meditation doesn’t necessarily mean you sit on needles all day and chant the OM sound, ooooommmm! For some, meditation could be walking, painting, writing, etc. but what’s important is that you do spend some time by yourself in a space alone in silence. When your mind quiets down, when the machinery take a break, you begin to hear the message that’s hidden deep inside you. It will show you the path of your life, the music in your heart and your purpose for being here and now.

May your road ahead glow ever brighter,
Sam Sadat

Posted in  Inspirational and Educational

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