Are We Lucky or What?

You've probably heard me talk about how lucky we ALL are to be alive. For one thing, we won the very first race against all odds. One tiny sperm, amongst billions, made it to the finish line so we could come into this world!

You are so lucky to get the chance to have a physical life on this beautiful planet. What’s so good about that you might ask? After all, life can be one big pain in the neck sometimes, but I’m still grateful for this awesome opportunity, are you? I trust that you too appreciate your position, despite all the life challenges.

Ultimately, is it not preferable to be alive with many problems instead of being dead with none?!

But wait! There’s more because our streak of luck continues. We’re born on Earth, the jewel of the Milky Way Galaxy. You have no idea how incredibly difficult it is to find an Earth-like planet in the MW Galaxy, let alone the Universe. The number of galaxies and stars are so staggering that I won’t even attempt to trouble you with the math. Suffice it to say, there are more stars in the Universe than all the sands of all the world's beaches combined! To say nothing of the planets which are many times more than the stars...

Most planets are orbiting either too close to their Suns or are too far from them. This means they are either a frozen wasteland or boiling hot. But Earth is at a perfect distance from the Sun. Unlike most planets with elliptical orbits, which causes wild temperature fluctuations and thus uninhabitable, Earth’s orbit is almost a perfect circle. This creates a consistently moderate climate suitable for human life. What are the chances of such an amazingly rare occurrence? Slim or none is the answer. Do you realize if Earth was just a fraction closer or farther from the Sun, we would parish from the face of the planet?

I can go on about how lucky we all are to be here but unless you realize it on your own, you would experience more suffering than joy. Therefore, I strongly recommend you take an inventory of what you can be grateful for now. Write down your New Year resolutions to include your personal growth at the top of the list. You can begin with examining your life and making a commitment to regard yourself as the luckiest person alive. Only by this kind of thinking and having positive expectations can you achieve your worthy ideals on your way to happiness and prosperity.

Kindest personal regards,
Sam Sadat

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