Are You Honoring Your Worthiness to Receive a Life of Abundance?

Manifesting what you desire to have in your life is achieved only when you honor your worthiness to receive or when you think you deserve the best in life. Here are just a few steps you can take to unblock the free flow of the Divine abundance in your life.

1. Eliminate the attitude of "I don't think I deserve it."

Remember that the Universe will cooperate with you only if you think you deserve it. People that live in scarcity don't believe they deserve success and thus never get it, as Life will only give you what you think you deserve, for better or worse.

2. Repeat this phrase: "I'm a human being expressing the Divine."

This means you're a good person and therefore are honoring your worthiness to receive the gifts of life. How can you not reach your full potential if you're expressing the Divine? It’s all there for you, but only if you believe you have all the goodness in you.

3. Accept yourself without complaint.

Complaining about anything, especially about yourself, is a recipe for disaster. Sure, we all would like to change certain things about ourselves, but unless you accept yourself fully without any reservations, you will be putting up obstacles that will stop the Divine energy from reaching you. My motto is: Never complain, never explain. This simple philosophy can free you up from much suffering and allow your life to blossom into a work of art.

4. Take full responsibility for your life.

I know this is a tough one for most of us. But unless you can truly take full responsibility for your life, you will not reach your lofty goals and will not pull in the abundance you're seeking. Let me clarify that taking responsibility doesn't mean feeling guilty. It simply means that there's something in you that attracted that "misfortune".

But here's the good news: the minute you take responsibility you connect to the Source and begin your healing process. That's when you honor your worthiness to receive the abundance of wealth, success, health and happiness.

5. Be congruent in your thoughts, feelings and behavior.

What you think and how you feel and behave must be in harmony for you to receive life's abundance. If you think one way but feel something else, and your behavior is not aligned with either, you will stay stagnant and rot like a swamp!

The entire dynamic of happiness and success lies in your ability to create accord in your thoughts, feelings and behavior. I can assure you that the moment you achieve that you will be honoring your worthiness to receive the best life can give and you’ll enjoy every minute of your life to the max.

May the Power be with you!

Sam Sadat.

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  1. Thank You Sam I needed this "Are you honoring your worthiness to receive a life of abundance?" I truly believe every word....but how quickly I forget as life kicks in and my mind goes of in tangents. Again, thanks for the reminder it made my day, and will make my nights and my forever as I choose to stay focused on just these few steps.

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