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Sam's Real Estate Club Google Hangout #5

Streamed live on Aug 13, 2014 Sam discussing 5 ways you can benefit from Real Estate Investing. On the motivational side, Sam breaks down how being creative is not the same as doing something illegal.

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Google Hangout #4 "Think & Grow RICH"

THINK before you speak! T= is it true? H= is it helpful? I= is it important? N= is it necessary? K=is it kind? + Sam will discuss wholesaling and assigning.

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Google Hangout #3

Our third hangout covers a number of useful real estate investment tips. Really fun and interesting. Hope you enjoy!

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Productivity vs. Being Busy - Google Hangout

The topic today is: Productivity vs. Being busy. Sam and the team will also discuss a dynamite plan to get your business started and thriving in no time!

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Google Hangout March 5, 2014

Do you have the power to shape your own destiny? What can you do to take control of your life and live healthier, happier, and wealthier? Check out our recent Google Hangout where we opened with a discussion about destiny vs free choice. Then, I dive into real estate need-to-knows such as Leverage, ROI and

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