Is our Banking System on the Verge of a Total Collapse?

I am not much of a conspiracy theorist but no matter how I look at this latest calamity it leads me to believe we have been set up on a grand scale.  Exactly who all is behind it is not clear to me but I am certain it is by design or default at some level.  Whether it happened as an act of commission or omission is beside the point.  It's here now and we must deal with it but not the way our government is going about it.

I just don't buy the notion that things just got out of hand due to circumstances beyond our control.  How can a crisis of this magnitude just sneak up on us?  How many times does this have to happen before we learn our lessons?  Was it not just 20 years ago when the S&L crisis and its eventual bailout cost the American taxpayers over $600 billion? Mark my word.  This bailout will cost us over 3 trillion dollars! And one more thing.  There may not be anything left to bailout anyway, as I foresee a possibility of a total collapse of our banking system in the very near future.  

But wait!  While this is bad for a lot of people and that's unfortunate, I feel excited about the prospects.  For the next 2 years we get to buy a lot of properties at deep discounts.  We'll flip some to be sure but we should also consider holding some as cash flow properties.  This way, you get to set yourself up for life.  And this is not a wishful thinking but a fact! 

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Economic Bubbles: The Federal Reserve’s Manipulation Games

Never before, in our recent history, has there been as much concern about the state of our economy. Many Americans today are understandably apprehensive about their future and their eroding savings accounts.  This current recession is likely to be one of the worst in our country causing the most damage as the Baby Boomer generation is retiring.

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The Most Important Components of Success for Real Estate Investors

I've been involved in education for a better part of my life. I think life is about loving, learning and leaving a legacy. During the last two decades I have devoted my time to learning, writing, researching, teaching, and consulting. Therefore, I can tell you with confidence why so many people fail in business in general and more specifically in real estate.

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