Common Sense Won't Help You Succeed

August 2010

Most of us can be found flying too close to the ground. Too often we don't give ourselves permission to soar.

I believe it is time to start focusing on possibilities, rather than on limits and obstacles. Making a jump into higher levels of performance and success means moving outside your conventional mental boundaries. If you will rethink how you're thinking, if you become more flexible and less rigid, you can multiply your performance potential. You must let your desires guide you, instead of allowing yourself to be boxed in by perceived constraints.

Achieving higher levels of prosperity means defying the boundary of the probable. It means achieving well beyond the obvious. So don't limit your desires to what you think you "can have"......start going after what you "want."
This means you must give yourself permission to dream, to risk. You must set yourself free. After all, freedom is the basis of life itself.

A ten or twenty percent improvement isn't the idea at all. A little more, different or better isn't what I'm talking about. That would represent only incremental gains. That might be an impressive performance in some situations, like if there were unusual obstacles or a very difficult set of circumstances. But while such a goal might be challenging, it would not represent a quantum leap. Instead of "an additional ten percent or so", a quantum leap produces a dramatic and multiple gain, an exponential increase. Quantum leaps are by definition rather astounding, certainly unconventional.

I'm not saying that anything is possible. It may not be, certainly not in one lifetime. But in some areas of your life what is within your reach is enough to stagger the mind. You can double your level of success. Triple it. Far beyond that, you can leverage up your performance to the second, third or fourth power or beyond.

True, there are limits, but you don't need to worry about them. Your real limits are far beyond your artificial mental boundaries. The real limits won't box you in, but the false ones you're carrying around in your mind are a self-imposed prison.

So how do you break out of that jail? Through surrender. You have to give up some of your old beliefs and sacrifice some of those "sensible" thinking patterns. So-called common sense can be a curse that puts a ceiling on how far you reach or how high you fly.

The powerful you, the quantum leap thinking, is based on uncommon sense.

Sam Sadat

Quantum Leap: A sudden large increase or advance.

Posted in  Inspirational and Educational

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