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Where is your energy going? Every day, many people find themselves without adequate energy to carry on with their objectives. Some resort to drugs, alcohol, vitamins, etc. in the hope to reenergize themselves and achieve at peak levels.

Clearly, good natural supplements are helpful, but they won’t create miracles. The truth is that we can only succeed in life when we are creating. Creativity is our inherent state. It has been bestowed upon us by the Prime Creator, Life Force, Nature, God, whatever you prefer to call it.[googmonify]4494413162:right:250:250[/googmonify]

Creating gives us the energy to create more, which gives us more energy for more creation. Without creating we cannot be happy. We need to create, create and create. In this way, we will grow, grow and grow. Growth will make us better, happier and more successful. And isn’t this why we came here in the first place?

How do we lose our energy? Try negativity in our environment for starters. The news, confrontations, poisonous relationships, jobs we hate and more. The fact is we have control and we can choose. We must first notice where our energy is blocked or lost. Then we need to unblock these sources and make a decision to handle them effectively.

If you notice a sharp drop in our energy during and after watching the news on TV, stop watching the news. If you notice that certain confrontations with family members are poisonous, do your best to avoid them by simply walking away. If you lose your energy the moment you walk into your job, get a job that you enjoy doing. If you notice your energy drops upon consuming certain food, stop eating it.

The simple fact is that you will not realize your full potential if you just kept losing your energy all the time. Successful people in history had an uncanny ability to observe the sources of energy loss and made a concerted effort to align themselves with what gives them more energy. When you stop the bleeding of energy, you will gain tremendous momentum, which would ultimately help you create powerful results. Energy can be best utilized when it flows. Energy flows are responsible for making your dreams come true. You can have all that you ever dreamed of when you constantly increase your energy by refusing to have it wasted in unwanted areas.

Best Regards,
Sam Sadat

Posted in  Inspirational and Educational

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