Doubt is the worst enemy of human beings...

Animals have no doubts because they have no minds (ego). A cat does what a cat is supposed to do without any judgments or considerations. It chases a mouse and if unsuccessful it pursues another option to feed itself. Have you ever seen a cat, or any other animal for that matter, to put its paw on its head saying "you're such a bad cat because you couldn't even catch a mouse?"[googmonify]4494413162:right:250:250[/googmonify]

Doubt never enters its mind because it does not have a mind! Yes, it does have a brain, however small, but there is no mind (ego) to render judgment on its behavior and doubt its ability to perform well in the future.

Is there such a thing as a peace of mind? No, because if there is a mind there can be no peace and if you want peace you can't have your mind interfering with your life. A better, more accurate expression should be "peace of no mind." It's very hard, if not impossible, to eliminate the mind all together, as it does serve a purpose at this stage of human evolution. But we can be mindful of this process of doubting our abilities every time something goes "wrong".

What happens when doubt enters your mind? It erodes your confidence, it deprives you of your self esteem and it betrays your soul. And when this happens, most people quit trying and submit to mediocrity. Why is it that 90% of people in America, the richest civilization known to man, never achieve their full potential? Because they doubt their abilities and fail to see how great and magnificent they truly are.

From now on, make a commitment to yourself NOT to doubt your abilities to achieve your goals. When doubt enters your mind, don't give it energy by resisting it. Simply allow it to pass by focusing your attention on your goal. Visualize the desired outcome and doubt will melt away.

It's ok to talk to yourself. You are not crazy if you talk to yourself in a positive and reassuring manner. But you will go crazy if you belittle yourself every time the universe is not going your way. Here is what you can say to yourself to stay the course and set aside reoccurring episodes of doubts:

I am confident about my ability to achieve my goals.

I am able to overcome all setbacks, as these are really feedbacks from the Universe which will guide me toward my goal. I am on track to be financially independent.

I trust the process of Life, as it's always working in my favor.

I have total certainty that I will succeed at whatever I choose to be, do and have.
Speaking of guiding you to a life of joy and prosperity, I have committed myself to do a monthly teleseminar. Many people attended the first one on Monday the 4th and I'm happy to say that it was warmly embraced. A link will be available on our site for those who missed it. We all need mentors and guides to experience success and happiness. So, allow me to be the one for you by joining in our monthly teleseminars. I welcome your feedback. There is no greater joy in my life than helping you to achieve your goals.

Sam Sadat

Posted in  Inspirational and Educational

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