Every Word Has Power

Every word has power. Words have power to direct your thoughts in any direction they choose. Look at the word mortgage. It means to pledge until death! And what do you think most people do with their mortgages? They keep refinancing until they die!

Are poor and broke synonymous? Many think they are, but I believe they are worlds apart. Although both indicate lack of money, one is only a temporary state, while the other can be a permanent belief, causing havoc in your life if not dealt with effectively. You may be broke now, but do not think you are poor. Same goes for rich and wealthy. Being rich means you have lots of money, but being wealthy is much more than that. It means money, plus a state of mind that transcends all material things. When you feel wealthy it doesn’t matter how much money you have because your state of mind and spirit is beyond reproach. So, be careful what you think and how you say it because, like it or not, words have power over our lives.

When you communicate with people, remember to use words that are associated with Power instead of those that are linked to Force. As an example, would you like to be educated or persuaded? Clearly, education represents power and persuasion indicates force. Next time you want someone to do something, stop your persuading and stick to educating! Here’s another one for you. How do you feel when you’re being promoted to all the time? How about trying encouragement instead of promotion? Use it in your writing, speaking and especially when selling something.  It works like a charm.

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  1. This bad time has changed the meaning of every word. It has changed the rules and policies. Every thing is filled with fraud.

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