Five Principles of Happiness and Success

1. Motion: Every particle in the universe is in a constant state of motion. Nothing is at rest. There's no time-out, or the universe as we know it will cease to exist! Planets cannot pause for even one second or they'll crash into the stars they orbit. Electrons cannot take a nanosecond break or they crash into the nucleus of the atom, destroying the physical reality! Are we all not made of the same atoms? Yes of course, and that’s why our survival depends on action, motion, flow or we go extinct! Inaction is a sure way to the poorhouse.

2. No Doubt/Certainty: Doubt shows we don't trust the process of life. When we distrust this process, nothing will go our way. The only solution is to realize that we as an observer can create our own reality, our own destiny. How? Let me tell you about what scientists have discovered about the nature of atoms and subatomic particles like electrons, neutrons and protons. Scientists have determined that electrons can pop into existence only when they are observed or measured. Without this act of observation, electrons are merely a wave! This means they form a field of all possibilities. For us, this is where dreams are hidden. The moment you decide to observe, see, visualize your dreams with total desire and certainty, the field becomes a particle, which is to say, manifested! So, you want money? Observe what you want, keep it in front of you all the time and never doubt the process of life. Only in this way, can you have all that you want.

3. Interconnectedness – Entanglement: There's no doubt we're all connected at some level. In the language of quantum physics, this is called Entanglement. Particles share each other's properties. Even when they’re separated they can still communicate, no matter how far they are from each other! Sound bizarre? It sure does, but it’s been proven scientifically. What this means for you is that your dreams of prosperity are there for you to attain, no matter how far they seem from you. Knowing that you can never be disconnected from your dreams should be very reassuring. They’re always there. All you need to do is follow step 2 above to reach them.

4. Passion for Your Dreams : Suffering and longing are the necessary ingredients of a rewarding life. Look up the word passion and pay attention to its root. It means to suffer and long for what you’re seeking. Suffering is not a negative word. It simply means yearning, or longing, or a burning desire. If you’re in the status quo, it can only mean two things: What you’re seeking is not your passion or you’re simply lazy! Figure out which one you are and take the proper measures to remedy your situation. Need help? Seek my advice and I’ll put you on the right path.

5. Contentment: Being happy with who you are, and where you are, regardless of external conditions. Unless you accept your present situation, you will not make that quantum leap into higher realms of happiness and success. Contentment means you are satisfied with your life and appreciate all the good things you have NOW. If you can achieve this, you are half-way to transformation. And for those who resist this step, life will be a major drag until their last breath. After all, contentment with your present conditions is a signal to the Universe that you’re ready to have more good things in your life.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that these principles work because I have seen them produce results in my life and many others I've mentored. They work because they’re supported by scientific studies and based on years of research in human mindset and behavior. Give them your best shot and see how your life changes before your very eyes.

As always, feel free to seek me out if you have any questions or comments.

Kind regards,
Sam Sadat, OHB

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One Response so far.

  1. Carl Lynton says:

    Thank you for relating these principles to me!

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