Food For Thought by Sam Sadat

“The measure of who we are, is what we do with what we have.”
— Vince Lombardi

What a powerful quote by one of America’s most genuine, inspirational, (and surprisingly corporate-speaking for a football coach) oft-quoted cultural leaders. His statement embodies our culture’s concept of success in its fullest sense. One’s true identity is not what that person does for a living or owns, but rather who they are. What really defines a person is what Dr. King called the “content of their character” - not some exalted job title, or an overstuffed bank account. Clearly it’s awesome to have a great job with a bounty of funds, to buy the time to enjoy life’s pleasures! But ultimately these alone will not define you as a “human being”, because we humans are living & thinking ‘beings’, with the evolutionary grace to treasure life’s journey.

It’s true we don’t all have piles of money, great paying jobs, or thriving businesses. But what Vince is trying to teach us, is that we all have the ability to realize our full human potential if we learn to do the best with what we have. Plainly put, take an honest inventory of your skill sets and resources, and then plan your path to success by putting them to work in a manner that is harmonious with your character. Not rocket science. The best real measure of success I’ve heard had nothing to do with how many properties you hold, nor how much cash you have accumulated in liquid accounts. It’s simply this clean benchmark: Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. Process that for a moment in time and space. Are you getting closer every day to YOUR worthy goals? Are you making steady progress toward achieving YOUR meaningful ideals? If you are, you’re on a successful path. But if not, maybe you really should, and really could, be living your life’s fullest dreams.

Many of you know that I studied both engineering and theoretical physics in college. I’ll always love the infinite star-fields of cosmology and of quantum physics. Even now, I delight in reading & writing, and researching the wonders of this constantly changing cosmos. When you look at the immensity of this awe-inspiring universe, with its hundreds of billions of galaxies - each of which bristles with hundreds of billions of stars - one process stands in sharp focus as the very definition of life: Constant Motion.

When we look at subatomic particles we’ve named electrons, protons, neutrons, and ever-stranger discovered elemental building blocks, we realize that that every infinitely small particle we can possibly detect, is always in a state of constant motion. So observing both the microcosm as well as macrocosm in this constant state of flux, we see ceaseless motion, with interconnected action, that results in the very act of creation. In fact, nothing in this vast and eternal universe stays in one place – ever. Because activity and productivity are inherent to all existence, and change is that scientific definition of life as a vital process.

I believe there are no short cuts on that universal pathway to success. It’s certain that inaction will never produce results, no matter how powerful your mind, or certain your heart. I believe the speed with which you progress toward your worthy ideals has everything to do with forward motion toward achieving success at the highest level imaginable.

So never just sit still on that incredible path through the universe! Live on the move, and act nimbly and alive! Be certain to use your every unique ability and vital resource, and compose them harmoniously, to get you to your perfect resonant place in this gloriously bountiful universe.

As always, I’m here and ready to help you in life, as well as in real estate, so you can get wealthy and happy at the same time.

Kind Regards,
Sam Sadat

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Stephen Litvinofff says:

    Simple words are best used. NICE

  2. Shelby Churchill says:

    Thank you, Sam, for your wonderful words. You are truly inspiring and a gift to so many.

  3. sam Tan says:

    Thank you for this inspiring message.

  4. Lyra says:

    This spoke to me in a very special way today Sam! great message! Keep writing!

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