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2012 is fast approaching. Taking a look back at the events that shaped your life this last year is a good way to gain a better perspective on what you can do now to give yourself a better future.

We all know that life is dynamic and the future is unpredictable. But life does operate by certain universal laws -- and knowledge of those laws can be crucial to your happiness, your success, and your financial freedom.

Universal Laws? I suspect that some of you may think this is bunch of nonsense. That's alright -- everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The fact is, we can never be sure of the final answer, because no one has it – and no one ever will. What makes the world so much fun is that we all think we are right -- no matter how wrong we are!

We are always convinced about how right we are because we know that being right is essential to our survival and well being. Put another way, we know that being wrong will diminish our chances to stay alive and to thrive. So, we must either be right -- or skillfully justify our actions as such. In the final analysis we all have only opinions about things, as nobody really knows the truth. Even science keeps correcting itself every once in a while – and admits when it gets it wrong. The problem with people is they would rather be dead than be wrong!

So, why not stay open to any "opinion" that might improve the quality of your life? After all, can’t we use empirical evidence to check the validity of those “opinions?” Keep this in mind: nothing is true unless it is true for you. So, just give it a shot – test those opinions and evaluate the results.  Trust me -- the truth will emerge.

2012 promises to be an incredible year for those who truly believe it will be.  And—for those who are doing what it takes to make it happen. Let me share with you a few Universal Laws that can make 2012 your best year yet.


Life is not linear.  Life is not static.  Life is dynamic and shapeable.

Life responds to the THOUGHTS, WORDS and ACTIONS that dominate our lives every day. If you want to see what your life will be like a year from now, examine your TWA today.  Similarly, what your life is today is the result of what your TWA's were in the past. Your past may have been a complete “failure” but your future may be the envy of the world! Sometimes a simple steadfast decision is enough to turn your life completely around.

Your 2012 is an unwritten page; a blank canvas waiting for you to write or paint whatever your heart desires. Just keep this caveat in mind: your future will not change if you keep doing the same thing over and over again.

Discover what you want. Then, work it backwards and break it into smaller pieces. And from those pieces, you can create your action plan to get what you want. As for your thoughts and words, simply decide to change them to support your goal. When a negative thought hits you, quickly replace it with a positive thought. Be conscious when you use words that weaken you, and be quick to change that to words that empower you.

To get a list of Sam’s Universal Laws, just ask for it by email.

At our December meeting, I will have lots of educational and motivational books, CDs, DVDs and club memberships to give away. Plus, our December Power Panel will inspire you get on the right track with your real estate investment strategies in 2012.

I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday December 21st  at the beautiful Beverly Hills Country Club.

Sam Sadat

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