Get closer to your goal of financial freedom.

What are the components of success? Let’s explore them now and help you get one step (or many steps) closer to your goal of financial freedom.

  1. Responsibility
  2. Responsiveness
  3. People skills
  4. Persistence
  5. Vision
  6. Networking
  7. Ability to take action
  8. Knowledge
  9. Ability to finish a task once started (productivity)
  10. Enthusiasm

To me, these factors are essential in your success. I’ll take a little time explaining each factor, but leave the more in depth discussion to a 2 hour NCREI meeting sometime this year.

  1. Responsibility comes from two words: respond and ability. So, your ability to respond to any situation at hand makes you a responsible person. The more appropriately you can respond the more responsibility you possess.
  2. Responsiveness is a combination of responsibility and communication. For example, the quicker you can return someone’s call the more power you generate. The faster you confront a situation at hand the more power you create for yourself and your business. The better you get a communicating precisely what’s on your mind, the more people gravitate toward you.
  3. People’s skills are the major reason why certain employees with less education are promoted over those with more education. It simply means handling people around you with empathy, respect and effectiveness. It also requires you to be more empowering and encouraging than condescending and persuasive. It means you can bring out the best in people by using your source of power and not force. Force always succumbs to power.
  4. Persistence is the ability to move forward with the intention of never quitting. This factor is omnipotent in that it overcomes obstacles, surmounts crises and helps you perform at high levels of awareness.
  5. Vision is the ability to see, observe and discern the future. It’s as if you’re looking at a four dimensional reality consisted of past, present and future. Vision is seeing the end result of your creation. Nothing great has been accomplished without a visionary visualizing a picture of future manifestation.
  6. Networking is finding in others what you lack in yourself. That’s the only way you can make yourself complete. And with completion comes production and materialization of your dreams and objectives.
  7. Ability to take action means taking charge of the physical universe. You can sit and meditate all day long and visualize great things but unless you act nothing will happen. This universe responds to our actions. Action changes the energy patterns and attractor fields that are responsible for making our dreams a reality.
  8. Knowledge is fundamental but action is more powerful. A little education acted upon is more potent than lots of knowledge left unused. After all who wants to an educated derelict?
  9. To begin a task is only one third of the equation. Next comes the continuation of the task and finally comes the finishing of it. The only way you feel productive (not busy) is to finish what you begin. Productivity is the basis of morale and morale means the state of well being. Next time someone asks how you’re doing, think before answering the question. If you’re just shuffling papers and keep starting or continuing tasks, you are busy. If you’re finishing your tasks, you are productive and say so. If you feel good, you are productive and if you feel bad, you’re busy!
  10. Enthusiasm comes from two words, en and theo, which means to live within God or the divine. Enthusiasm is the reason for the success of countless many. It’s the energy you exhibit which is both contagious and magnetic. It’s how you pull people toward you and why they respond to your leadership. If you don’t feel enthusiastic, act it and soon you’ll feel it!

Best Regards,
Sam Sadat

Posted in  Inspirational and Educational

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