Here and Now

What are you dreaming about these days? Do you wish to have enough assets or cash flow to live a happier and stress free life? Do you want to become financially independent? What we want to do is to have you experience it here and now.

Let me assure you that I have not completely lost my mind, not yet anyway! I believe in possibilities. To me if it’s possible, it can certainly be made conceivable. And what the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

The way we tap into what’s already there is to synchronize our “here energy” with “what’s there energy.” To do this we need to build a tunnel that’s made up of thoughts, words and actions. By thinking and visualizing what you want here, you can open up the tunnel a little wider. By saying the words and making the commitments we make it open up even more. And finally, by taking action with total boldness and daring, almost recklessly, we get to open up the gap so wide that all information will freely travel through and get you what you want here and now!

And remember: It does not take a big change in the initial conditions of any endeavor to create massive outcome at the end. For example, Rosa Parks getting arrested was a very unimportant event at the time but it led to the civil right movement in America. Kicking Gandhi off the train was a trivial event at the time but that marked the beginning of the fall of the British Empire.

Applied to our daily lives, find out what small things you can do now that would result in massive changes in the outcome later. Could getting up just 30 minutes earlier to meditate or making another 10 calls a day or meeting with just two more clients a week or not yelling at your child every time a mistake is made, etc. etc. cause such drastic changes in outcome of your life? I believe they can, and science has proven that in the famous Chaos Theory, or what’s commonly known as the Butterfly Effect.

All I’m trying to do by writing such articles is to open your mind to the marvelous possibilities in life. Never say no to anything because we just don’t know enough to be so adamant about any belief we hold or position we take. The nature of existence is so mysterious and dynamic that it literally changes when we do and it’s always a million steps ahead of us!

Best Regards,


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