How to Play the Game of Life

Last month Bruce Norris was our guest speaker.  I call him the Nostradamus of CA real estate because he predicts the future events based on past performances.   He did a fabulous job of predicting the future of real estate in California and the nation but I simply couldn’t help reminding myself that the Life I know is highly unpredictable.  His predictions were rather scientific, based on numbers, graphs and stats, but I was not ready to give up my notion that nothing is written in stone.   The nature of Life is not all scientific, you see.   Life is non-linear and follows the Chaos Theory.  This means that although numbers do play an important part in shaping our decisions, no one knows for sure what’s in store for us in the coming months or years.  Chaos Theory which is popularly referred to as the Butterfly Effect (a butterfly flaps its wings in the Amazon and two years later there’s rainfall in Kansas!) simply states that the only prediction you can make about anything is that it’s unpredictable!  In essence things are not directly caused by other things.  Life is not boring and translucent; instead it’s marvelous and mysterious.

The mysterious nature of Life is what allows the future to be wide open regardless of all what the past looked like or what the stats tell us.  My approach to Life’s events is a simple “maybe and who knows. “  It reminds me of an old story of a peasant whose only horse ran away and left him without any means to make a living.  His neighbors called this event very unfortunate.  The wise old peasant’s response was a simple, maybe and who knows.  A few days later the horse returned with another 10 wild horses in tow.  His neighbors flocked to his place and called him the luckiest man on earth.  His usual response was maybe and who knows.  A few days later, the peasant’s son broke his leg while riding one of the wild horses.  Again neighbors gathered around him, offered their sympathy and told him how unfortunate he was.  His usual reply was maybe and who knows.  A week later, the soldiers came and drafted every able male body for an imminent war with another country but spared the peasant’s son.  Once again, his neighbors called him very lucky.  The message here is loud and clear.  Every event that happens in our life is not to be judged as good or bad because we simply do not know what’s coming next.  There are no direct correlations between events and no one really knows what the future holds.

It’s the same thing with Life.  Past does not equal the future.  You can make all the predictions you want but Life remains mysterious and people are unpredictable.  Who’s to say CA real estate won’t make a full recovery in one year.  I know stats state otherwise but again no one knows what Life will bring tomorrow.  It’s entirely possible that lower home values in CA could bring in thousands of people from all over the country and the globe and miraculously turn things around for us.  After all, Life is a field of all possibilities.  This is what Heisenberg, the renowned German quantum physicist, called the Uncertainty Principal.  My point is that you can shape your future based on your decisions today.  Likewise, I know our country is in a lot of trouble now and many feel that our system might eventually collapse because of corruption in the government and our monetary system but we could very possibly change the course of future events by our thoughts and deeds today.   The reason I cannot say with certainty that future will be any different even if we changed ourselves today is the essence of my message in this article. 

Life has a mission of its own.  Life is non-linear.  Life is mysterious and unpredictable.  Life doesn’t follow our limited human perspective.  Need I say more?

So, I highly encourage you to come to grips with this facet of our human existence.   Worrying about future events is unproductive.   Thinking that we are in charge is futile.  Believing we can predict the future events based on series of numbers and stats can be detrimental to our mental health.  What we need to do is to surrender instead of worry.  Go on out there and do what you do best everyday and then surrender to Life for the final outcome.   Welcome Life’s challenges, as they are part of your continual growth.  Your only certainty is uncertainty and if you really wish to have security then seek insecurity!  One more thing, no matter how “bad” your life has been so far, it can turn on a dime and be completely different tomorrow.  As a matter of fact, things are never as “good” or as “bad” as they appear to be.  They’re usually closer to the middle but our judgmental minds cannot understand the concept of balance.   

The only catalyst to a better, more fulfilled life is your knowing that you’re protected.  The more you come to peace with yourself, the more you look at life as a playground, the more you project positive thoughts, the more you realize your serenity is in your surrendering and not fighting with Life, the quicker you’ll succeed on all areas of your personal life.  So, play the game like a child and you will enter the Kingdom of God, Universe, Nature, Life or whatever else you wish to call it. 


Best regards,

Sam Sadat



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