Imagination is more important than knowledge.

There is a theory in psychology that if you form a picture in your mind of what you would like to be, and you keep and hold that picture there long enough, you will soon become exactly as you have been thinking.[googmonify]4494413162:right:250:250[/googmonify]

This holds true for both positive and negative thoughts. So be careful what you’re thinking about, as you shall become what you think about all day long. The power of imagination is such that Albert Einstein declared, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” With imagination you can realize your full potential, as you can tap into the field of all possibilities.

You can manifest your destiny using a simple guideline. First, you need to really wish it, then you need to really desire it, then you need to really intend it and finally you need to feel really passionate about it. This process requires daily practice but it is achievable.

Best Regards,
Sam Sadat

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