Knowledge Is Not Power

It’s merely potential power.  True power comes from your actions that are based on your knowledge and education.  We all know that there is no scarcity of knowledge sources out there but motivating people to act is an entirely different animal!  It seems that many people are simply information addicts but lack ability to take action.  So, how do we motivate ourselves to take action?  There are three steps to increasing your ability in this regard.

1.       Desire it.  Desire means the intensity of your feeling.  A strong wish.  A burning desire to make something out of your life is perhaps the most important ingredient of your success.  If there’s no desire to be, do and have what you’re seeking, nothing will ever happen. 

2.       Ask for it.  You’ve often heard the expression “ask and thou shall receive.”  This is an awesome notion that works like a charm.  The only caveat here is to perfect your asking techniques.  It’s not wise or effective to ask a person to give you something they don’t have or can’t afford.  You want money?  Then be sure to hit people who have it.  Asking indiscriminately will waste your energy and diminish your credibility.  Those who say this notion doesn’t work have never asked the right people for what they want.  They simply and often recklessly ask whoever comes their way.  All you need to do is observe and discern who you’re dealing with before you ask. 

3.       Intend it.  Intention means to have a design or purpose in mind.  Its root indicates stretching.  You literally have to step outside of your comfort zone to be able to create a design or purpose in your mind.  Intention is like a carrier wave that goes from here to there.  You can intend to get the waitress to your table all you want but she will not come quickly unless you verbalize your intention, calling her to your table.  Intention works best when you verbalize what it is you want every day. 

By desiring, asking and finally intending your outcome you will undoubtedly increase your ability to take action.  Once you learn that action is your ticket to success, you’ll be motivated to be productive every day.  With productivity comes high morale, a sense of well being or high spirits.  And you know what’s interesting?  The Universe loves to reward people who exhibit positive energy.  It’s as if the Universe literally “conspires” to make your dreams come true when It sees that you are producing at a high level without any attachments.  So, go out there and look at the world from the paradigm of playing the game with passion without any expectations.  You will be given all that you want and more.   This is a Universal Law.  Have no doubt about it. 

I look forward to seeing you at our next meetings on July 28th and 29th in the Valley and West LA respectively.      

Best regards,

Sam Sadat


Posted in  Inspirational and Educational

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