Knowledge / Wisdom Can Help You Overcome the Odds

April, 2011

In last month's newsletter I talked about courage, the second essential component of successand happiness as described by an ancient text I was reviewing. The four pillars were:

  1. Self Mastery
  2. Courage
  3. Knowledge/Wisdom
  4. Justice

To read last month's article, click here.

In this issue I'd like to discuss the third component, which is Knowledge or Wisdom.

We all learn from our own life experiences, particularly from our mistakes.  This kind of knowledge comes automatically.  However, life is too short to learn only through trial and error. To expedite our own journey toward the ultimate goal of success and happiness, it is imperative that we learn from the successes and failures of others. This requires wisdom.

Good knowledge is critical. At the most basic level, when you make a decision based on good knowledge it generally works out in your favor. Decisions based on bad knowledge (inaccurate or incomplete knowledge), or decisions made in ignorance, will always lead to problems. You must remember to check your knowledge to make sure you aren't making any dangerous assumptions.

I also want to point out that not all information is knowledge. When I speak of knowledge I mean relevant information that empowers you to make good decisions, move forward, and get things done. The news, especially what is being fed to us on the media, is not my idea of knowledge. In fact, most of it is pure garbage designed to poison your mind and strip your energy and happiness. If you want to know what's going on in the world, just take a glance at the headlines. Get an overview of the current affairs, and stop. There's no need to read in depth about how many people were injured by a missile, or who got attacked, shot, or kidnapped. This kind of information is worse than no information.

What I consider good knowledge is specific information in your field of endeavor, as well as any self-improvement or personal development materials that inspire you. Studying history, philosophy, psychology, economics, literature or the social sciences is also important - it gives your knowledge context. But reading a horror novel can only damage your mind and harm your soul.

You can also get solid information by networking. Attending seminars and meetings where you can rub shoulders with those who have accomplished what you want to accomplish will go a long way toward helping you achieve success and happiness.

So learn from your mistakes, learn from your successes, and learn from the mistakes and successes of others. Be discerning about what sort of information you allow into your world. Whatever raises your energy and outlook in life is good knowledge which must be embraced and assimilated.  Whatever saps your energy and depresses you must be avoided at all cost. I'm certain you will increase the quality of your life and your well being by merely following this simple advice.

I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting on April 27th.

Sam Sadat

Posted in  Inspirational and Educational

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