Next Real Estate Investing Club Meeting: April 1

On Wednesday, April 1, 2020
Sam’s Real Estate Club Presents:

How a Professional Physical Inspection Can Save You
Thousands of Dollars

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Greg Prado is a partner and Senior Inspector for EWA Home Inspections. EWA has over 25 years’ experience in construction, engineering and inspections of commercial and residential buildings. They educate Realtors and investors on the benefits of a proper home inspection and provide detailed information about the different components and conditions of homes and buildings. Greg will go through an EWA report and discuss the items that are not visible to the normal eye. These items may add costs to your flip / investment houses. Some of these items, if not addressed, will come up when the house is being sold and can cost you a lot to fix or result in price reduction.


  • Wood/termite damage
  • Utilities: old electrical panels. 2 wire electrical systems
  • Old plumbing piping, supply water and drainage piping
  • Roof | Chimney
  • Foundation & understructure. Cripple walls, Dryer vent under house
  • Water heater | Smoke alarms, CO monitors
  • Furnace on Recall list (Consolidated)
  • Attic: Electrical wiring, vent screen. Framing. Chimney

PLUS: Sam's insight:

  • Inspirational message about the current situation.




7:30 pm “Sam’s Insight” and Featured Speaker

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Interested in watching this meeting live, online?
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