Real Estate Investing Questionnaire

Hello and Welcome,

You have expressed interest in working with us to enhance your real estate education and investment experience.  To better determine how we can best serve you, please fill out the following questionnaire so that we could guide you to achieve success in real estate.

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    a. Do you currently work outside of real estate investing?

    b. What type of work?

    c. What days/hours do you typically work?

    d. How flexible is your work schedule (are you able to take calls during work hours, get time off to meet with homeowners, etc.)?

    e. How many solid hours a week will you realistically be able to devote to investing?

    f. What other types of work experience have you had that’s applicable to real estate?

    g. What is missing from your career that you believe real estate investing will provide?


    a. How long have you been investing?

    b. What is your level of real estate experience?

    c. How many investment properties have you purchased and what strategy did you use (i.e. fix and flip, buy and hold, tax deed, joint venture, etc.)?

    d. Describe the types of investing you are interested in pursuing (if you know at this point).

    e. Are you currently partnering or looking to partner?

    f. List the real estate education courses/training you have completed.

    g. Which techniques from the courses have you implemented?

    h. If you have not implemented the training, what has held you back?

    i. What geographic areas and price ranges are you interested in pursuing?

    j. What funding sources do you plan to use?

    k. What are your FICO scores?

    l. What amount in liquid cash assets do you have ready for investing?

    m. What other assets do you have available (401K, equity in other properties, lines of credit, etc)?


    a. How do you communicate most effectively (written or spoken)?

    b. Do you feel comfortable working with people on the phone?

    c. What are your strengths?

    d. What areas do you need to improve?


    a. What is your vision of success in real estate?

    b. What specific personal and family goals do you want to achieve through investing?






    c. What is your timeframe to make this happen?

    d. What other investment alternatives have you explored?

    e. How motivated are you to make your goals a reality?

    f. What has stopped you from pursuing this dream in the past?

    g. If you achieved these goals, what would your lifestyle be like?

    i. How much money do you want to make this year?

    Would you be interested in joining one of our VIP Investment Training Programs now?

    Best regards,
    Sam Sadat
    Founder of Sam’s Real Estate Club

    Food for Thought: If you think education is expensive, try ignorance!

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