September 2011

I remember a chapter in the bestselling book “The Road Less Travelled” by Dr. Scott Beck, in which he referred to laziness as the Original Sin. Well, I’m not sure it is but I am certain it’s the cause of much underachievement and low morale. Part of what makes a person sublime is his/her ability to stay persistent. To persist in the face of adversity and strive against all odds is what America is all about. So, why have the baby boomers and their children forgotten that? For most of us everything has been so easy that we forget Life can be quite difficult at times.

To restore sanity into our nation we need productivity. It is the antidote for laziness. This means taking action in the direction of your ideals, your goals or objectives. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, the ancestor to every action is a thought. Look at the Internet. Before it became reality it was an idea in someone’s mind. How about the Empire State Building? Before it became the tallest building in the world in 1931 it was simply an idea. Anything you see anywhere is the product of a process I call conception, evolution and manifestation.

You want to be financially free or independently wealthy? I mean really! Do you want to be the next millionaire coming out of this Great Recession? Did you see in your mind’s eye the outcome of your actions? Did you start with the end vision in mind?

To help you see the end in the beginning, stay quiet, close your eyes and visualize the end result or the final outcome. The final outcome is not a thing but rather a feeling, emotional excitement. You will need to try very hard to see the benefits of your idea or purpose, not its advantages.

How secure would you feel with $2 million in the bank and a 50 unit apartment building? What will it do to your image or self esteem? How does it feel when you get the respect and recognition you deserve from others, especially those harsh skeptics?

Once you really capture that feeling, you move to anchor it to your daily actions. Whatever you DO is designed to get you closer to that feeling of ecstasy. Every little task has meaning now; because it’s chasing something much greater than the sum of its parts: You and your loved ones’ happiness and prosperity.

This is how you snap out of laziness. You do it with a sense of purpose derived from your vision of grandeur. That thought or vision has the power to motivate you internally, to give your daily grind a sense of meaning and purpose.

This is just a little insight into what makes a person whole. Good thoughts, good deeds and good words will always lead you to your promised land, whatever that may be to you, and only you.

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Sam Sadat

Posted in  Inspirational and Educational, Real Estate

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