Sam's Message for 2015

sam-mentor-1I wish you all a very Happy New Year. 2015 will be as good as you make it. So, make it a great one. To help you achieve just that and more, I thought of 11 powerful concepts you can use daily to inspire and motivate yourself to achieve happiness and prosperity for life.

Words are commands that govern the subconscious mind. They have power to heal and they can also destroy. Be careful what you say to yourself, as what you utter daily and systematically can shape your destiny. How? Your repeated self talk determines your attitude, which affects your feelings/emotions. Feelings lead to the actions you take, which are followed by their results. And ultimately your destiny is shaped based on the results you create. Change your thoughts and say the right things to yourself. You will build momentum and you can change your life for the better.

Examine your life now. Aren’t you here and now because of the actions you either committed or omitted? Absolutely. Do you like where and how you are now? If yes, well done and keep up the good work. If not, you can change your destiny by changing the negative programming and replace it with positive self talk everyday for one year. You will be a new person, I guarantee it.

1. I can't do that. This will surely stop you from achieving your objectives. Might as well not even try with that kind of self talk. Use instead; yes, I can do that and see how your energy level literally goes up and your mind begins to find ways in which you can overcome obstacles and accomplish your goals.

2. How are you? And you answer; Ok or not too bad. These are energy killers! In fact, you manifest that feeling all day long. We want to stay true to our feelings. So, here are some energy words you can use and still maintain true to your feelings.

I'm almost amazing, terrific, great, etc.

3. I want a new car, house, wife, husband, lots of money, etc. Want indicates lack. It tells your mind that you don't have what you desire. Focusing on want/lack will cause that condition to persist in your life.

Instead use I have. I have a new car, a million dollars, good life, beautiful wife, etc. It tells your mind that you already have it and the mind goes to work to help you attain whatever you put your attention on.

4. If that happens, I will. This limits your power of manifestation.

It's much better to say I will. I will implies no doubt and sets no conditions. When you say I will, you make a declaration to the universe and the universe will conspire to make your dreams come true.

5. I doubt it. It's a total energy killer. As Shakespeare said; your doubts are your traitors.

Instead use I expect the best. You can also say to yourself; I attract greatness. I attract wonderful people. I attract great opportunities.

6. I try. This one is a major energy waster. It looks harmless on the surface but it kills your certitude. It causes a constant process of questioning your ability to make and hold a commitment. As you Yoda said; do or do not, there's no try.

What gives you energy and boosts your confidence is I do. I commit. This declaration actually communicates with your DNA. It gets you ready for action. It cures fear. Need I go on?

7. I don't think so. It's totally destructive. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy: you will stop thinking all together.

Instead use I know. Knowingness doesn't hesitate while not thinking so creates confusion and chaos in your world. In reality, learning is simply a process of remembering what we already know.  All the knowledge in the universe is in each of us at the cellular level. Therefore, when you say I know you're not lying. You’re being congruent and making a true statement.

8. I don't have time. It's disparaging. What is time anyway? You all have experienced how time flies when you’re having fun and drags when you’re suffering. Why is that? It’s because time itself is nothing but a notion, an idea.

So, instead of using I don’t have time, use I create time. I have all the time in the world. Time is not linear. Past, present and future all happen simultaneously. So say to yourself: I'm the time keeper and I can manifest time out of thin air.

9. Maybe or perhaps. Again, you’re letting doubt enter your world. Life is too short to be indecisive.

So, instead of maybe, use of course and positively. This will direct your mind to move with conviction and produce desired results.

10. I am anxious. I am shy. I am......... This one is also a toxic affirmation. Because whatever you say after I am is what you become.

Instead, use the adjectives and attributes you want to see in yourself. Things like, I am full of supreme confidence. I am a winner. I am focused. I am the greatest!

11. It’s too hard or It's impossible. How often do we catch ourselves and others saying things that sap our energy and destroy our creativity? A lot! Why? Because an average person in an average family hears the word NO 116,000 times before the age 18!

So, instead of continuing your negative programming, break the pattern and establish a new one. All things are possible. I AM possible. I can make things happen. I can make miracles happen in my life and so on.

Make 2015 a year you can remember for life.

Kind regards, Sam

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