The Pomona Program F.A.Q.'s

Where are you buying?

Right here in Los Angeles County.

What are you buying?

2-4 units. Why? Because they have positive cash flow (unlike single family homes).

How does it work?

We buy at the Trustee’s sale in Pomona, California. That’s why it is called our “Pomona Program.”   We are buying 15-20% below market value.

Who can participate?

Anyone with a desire to become a real estate investor!

How much do I need to have? 

Anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000.

What’s my security?

Los Angeles real estate, with good land value. After all, isn’t land the only thing that appreciates?

What’s the cash flow?

On a $200,000 duplex, net cash flow is around $600 per month for the first two years.

What are the risks?

There’re always risks with any investment and this is no exception. But we follow the golden rule. We only buy properties with positive cash flow. Second, we can hold forever. Those who’re losing their properties today violated the magical 1% Rule. The One-Percent Rule states that the rents should never be less than 1% of the of the property’s market value. The higher the percentage, the better the cash flow. The lower the percentage, the more negative the cash flow.  For example, an uninformed investor paid $500,000 for a monthly rental of $2,500; this is half the 1% Rule, which means negative cash flow.  You see, to be able to hold successfully, you cannot pay more than $250,000 for a property that rents for $2,500 per month. Today, we are buying those same properties today for 180,000 to $210,000!

What are the rewards?

Excellent rewards for the mid to long term basis. But remember, this is not a get-rich-scheme. No fix and flip. This is a “buy and hold” strategy for long term growth and appreciation. By the way, the fix and flip era has ended. (However, we have a hybrid program which allows selling of some inventory deemed less desirable.)

Is the risk-to-reward ratio worth it?

We think so. Clearly, you’re free to perform own due diligence on Sam Sadat, the viability of the Pomona Program, and the property itself.

What’s my return?

Realistically, starting at 7% and going up to 12% or more. As you lower the rate your cashflow increases.


I realize this is not for everyone and I don’t want everyone. This is very special. I only want special people that are ready to get started now and build a real estate portfolio. Fill out the following form to receive more information about this awesome opportunity:

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