The Pomona Program

I think the question I get most is what I’m investing in, me personally. They say, "Sam, you've had so many speakers, experts, authors, and gurus at your meetings over the years. You’ve heard and seen it all. But what do you do? How do you invest your money?"

Students have pleaded with me over the years to share my investing secrets. Well, I’ve never talked about it before, but let me tell you my little secret. Please do not tell everyone you know. I want this for just my students and people who seek my advice.

Let’s look at the real estate landscape. Foreclosures are the still the best bet right now to get started. But there are problems:

  1. Dealing with distressed homeowners is time-consuming and frustrating, right?
  2. REOs used to be great, but now everyone has gotten into the act. Lenders are charging retail; realtors are pushing the prices higher and higher. Worse, when you submit an offer, there are 30 other investors submitting higher offers.  REO fix and flips are over.

So what makes sense? Where can we still make money in foreclosures? I’ve studied the situation and the only strategy where you can still buy wholesale and sell retail is at the trustee's sale. You can still buy properties at the trustee’s sales, rehab them, and then either flip for a quick profit or hold as a rental property. We are buying and holding. We keep buying with subsequent refinancing.

But there are serious problems with trustee’s sales:

  1. There is no centralized list of properties going to sale.
  2. There is no time to research the liens, title, or value of the properties.
  3. There is no time to drive around and determine the condition of the houses.
  4. I don’t have time to drive to Pomona every day and bid on properties (especially when most sales get postponed).
  5. If you’re the highest bidder at the sale, you need all cash.
  6. Worse, if I buy the property, I can’t get title insurance.

As you can see, these are serious problems. In fact, these problems are what keep most investors away from trustee’s sales and yet it is because of these very difficulties that it is still a good opportunity because there is less competition. So, I see these problems not as problems, but rather challenges. I realize that if I could solve these challenges, there is still a ton of money to be made buying at trustee’s sales.

So, I’ve spent the past six months working on solving these challenges. I’ve done my research and found companies and individuals that would work with me. Here is how I’ve solved these problems:

  1. I found a company that researches all of the properties going to sale out in Pomona on a daily basis. They give me the address, market value, the liens against them, and the size of the property.
  2. I found a company that will drive to the properties I’m interested in, take photos and determine the condition of the house.
  3. I found another company that will actually go to Pomona every day and bid for me so I’m not wasting my time waiting around in Pomona to bid.
  4. I also have a private investor that will loan me all the money I need- short term, to buy at the trustee’s sale so I’m not tying up all my money or running around with cashier’s checks.
  5. Finally, I found a title company that will give me a title commitment in advance of the sale that says if I buy that property at the trustee’ sale, they will insure it.

As you can see, by putting all of this together I’ve been able to take the guess work and risks out of buying at the trustee’s sale. It is now efficient, safe and profitable.

I call this program my “Pomona Program.” Why is it called Pomona Program? Because all of the trustee’s sales in LA County are now conducted in Pomona, at the Pomona courthouse. Norwalk was discontinued as of January 1, 2012.

So, "Why do I need you" you may be asking? Because I’ve already used up much of my investment money and I need partners. It doesn’t take much to invest. Anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 can get you started. So if you want to own properties now and fast, and be my partner in the process, please join with me; it's very simple and straight forward….

Now you know why I’m so excited! I’m jumping out of my skin! I realize this is not for everyone and I don’t want everyone. This is very special and I only want special people that are ready to get started now and build a real estate portfolio.

By the way, I have two other viable strategies in LA but they're both passive in nature. One is ownership in apartment building syndications and the other is being a private hard money lender. Your rate of return on both is very attractive, but you need a minimum of $50K to participate. Let me know if you feel these might be better fits for you.

Fill out the following form to receive more information about this awesome opportunity:

We want you to make an informed decision so please look over these FAQ's and feel free to contact me anytime.  My direct phone number is 310-909-9188.

Kindest regards,
Sam Sadat

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