The Power of Observation

Did you know that your attention holds immense power? According to the latest findings in quantum physics, the mere act of observation can manifest predictable behavior. Repeated scientific experiment have come to the unequivocal conclusion that subatomic particles, like electrons, DO act like normal particles when observed or measured, however, when they're left alone they simply behave like a wave!

Do you know what that means? To me, it is the essence of all deliberate creation! This is science folks, not magic. Everything behaves as a wave, including photons, atoms, etc., which can represent a field of all possibilities. In this field, all is possible. In this field every potentiality has a chance of becoming reality. But, remember that actual results depend on the way you look at the wave. If you view it with the spirit of hope and anticipation, the abundance and joy are yours. However, the alternative can be catastrophic because a negative attitude will produce scarcity and despair. Clearly, these are extreme cases, but you can end up anywhere along the line, depending on how you look at things and with what kind of attitude.

Back to the behavior of these tiny particles. They simply pop into existence from nowhere, making it difficult/impossible to find or measure them. This may sound like bunch of hocus pocus, but thousands of scientific tests have verified this same outcome: when you look, these particles are solid, concrete and predictable. But when you're not looking, they behave like a wave where nothing is certain and everything is possible. Again, it's important to know that particles are finite while waves are infinite. In other words, you possess the power to materialize anything you want through the window of your viewpoint.

"Ok Sam, you made your case, but what do atoms and tiny unseen particles have to do with us?"

"Well, I'm glad you asked! Are we not made up of atoms like everything else in the universe? Yes indeed."

Therefore, you can change your point of view when you look at life and literally bring about different results. This attribute is in every cell of our body. We're born with it. So, let's become conscious of it now and use it to enhance the quality of our lives. What I recommend you do is to observe everything with full attention and a positive attitude. Look at things with focus and clarity as they unfold before you. You can keep reminding yourself to maintain this behavior until it becomes second nature. Once you made a habit of this, watch out, because you will literally create whatever you want in your life.

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