Truth Is All Around You: What Matters Is Where You Place Your Attention

To start with, I’d like share one of my favorite stories with you.

Two men had an argument. To settle the matter they went to a famous Sufi judge for arbitration. The plaintiff made his case eloquently and persuasively. When he finished, the judge nodded in approval and said, “That’s right, that’s right.” Upon hearing this, the defendant jumped up and said, “Wait a second, judge. You haven’t even heard my side of the case yet!” In response, the judge asked the defendant to state his case. He was quite articulate and demonstrated sound reasoning. When he finished, the judge said, “That’s right, that’s right.” When the clerk of court heard the judge’s comment, he jumped up and said, “Judge, they can’t both be right.” The judge looked at the clerk and said, “That’s right, that’s right.”

Moral of the story is, in fact, the title of this article. Truth is all around you. What matters most is where you put your attention. Attention means the act or state of applying your mind or consciousness to something. In essence, your focus makes your reality and your reality manifests your destiny.
Are we in control or not? It’s a paradox of our physical existence that we have to live with. There are things we can control and things we can’t. At least it seems that way. What do we have control of? Are we at least in control of what happens between birth and death?

Ruthlessly stated, who we are, what we do, and how much we have are exactly what we deserve. Pure and simple. You don’t like your life now? Change it. Shift your viewpoint from what doesn’t work to what does. Shift from weakness to strength; from arrogance to confidence; from busyness to productivity.
Life is the same for all of us. What’s different is our livelihood. Life is always giving, benevolent, non judgmental, eternal and that’s good. On the other hand, livelihood is unique to each person. Your livelihood will change and improve when you change your attention from thoughts, words and deeds that are limiting and restrictive to those that inspire your heart and expand your mind and cultivate the belief that nothing is impossible. Interestingly enough, quantum mechanics confirms this point. By our mere act of observation, subatomic particles appear from the void and vanish into it!

Shifting to a viewpoint that moves you forward is essential for your well being and success. It gives your life purpose. It allows you to figure out how to tap into the breeze of life itself. Once that happens, you move forward with speed and effectiveness, ultimately reaching heights you never thought possible.

As I mentioned earlier, shifting your focus from busyness to productivity will expedite your happiness and success. How do you do it? Increase your productivity. Again, don’t confuse productivity with busyness. Many people are really busy all the time but not much is getting done. They’re far from being productive. Simply stated, productivity is your ability to finish a task that you consider important. It’s focused, powerful, and penetrating. It has direction and purpose.

By contrast, busyness is a state of fragmentation in which a person aimlessly jumps from one task to another, seldom finishing anything. Have you had days when you thought you were busy all day and yet felt totally unfulfilled at the end of the day? You were probably exhausted and low in spirits although you appeared to be very active.

Productivity seems to the basis of morale. Morale is a state of high spirits and well being. A state in which you feel good about who you are and that you are excited about where you’re going. All you’ve got to do is to put your focus on one task at a time and complete it effectively but swiftly. I know it’s simple but truth is simple. It’s complexity that breeds non-comprehension.

I’m going to leave you with the inspiring words of two great masters about the power of human soul.
Rumi said, “Don’t you know that you are so far greater than even the limits of your imagination? You live in the field of all possibilities. Christ said, “Even the least among you can do what I have done and even greater things.”

Let’s get this right. Never compromise the truth that greatness is our heritage. We can reach higher and higher without any limits unless we’re in the self constructed and continually reinforced prison of our misconceptions and limiting beliefs.

Kindest regards,
Sam Sadat,

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