Two Useful Tips

You can always make a less attractive property more desirable by adding cash and or other valuables to the original equity. If you have difficulty selling a property that most buyers find unattractive for various reasons, adding cash to the equation creates miracles. But, there are other “cashables” that work almost as well. Vintage autos, a secured note, a paid for land, etc. can be used to entice buyers to buy your property. This is similar to adding sugar to lemon juice to make lemonade.

Here’s a valuable strategy for our real estate broker friends. If you’re working with a long-term client, you may be the source of the loan required to complete your transaction. Since you will be receiving a commission from the transaction, you may be willing to invest in a well-secured, high-yield loan, using cash from your commission, cash you may not receive if your transaction does not go through. In other words, if a transaction needs a little more cash in order to close, you might want to consider using all, or part, of your commission as a loan to your client to complete the transaction.  Obviously, I have oversimplified the process, but if done right, this strategy could be beneficial for all concerned.

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