Uncertainty and How to Overcome It

samWe're all born into a world of uncertainty. Our natural state is one of disorientation and once we understand that, we can then set about finding some meaning and order, setting some realistic goals, and finally come to the realization that we exercise a lot more control over our lives than we may think.

It’s been found that uncertainty produces stress and, if continued for long enough periods, can lead to serious illness. We've constructed a world much of which is alien to our natural tendencies. We live by clocks that we have manufactured, and by days of the week. We can no longer survive simply by plucking fruit from the trees, catching fish, digging roots and chasing smaller animals for food – and each other around the tree. Now a thing called money is the fruit of our harvest, our production, and with it we can purchase the production of others.

Today, we live by standards in a highly competitive world – standards that must be maintained if we are to keep the status we have achieved for ourselves and our families. All of these things are artificial. And it is only natural that a human being raised in such a world is going to be confused – disoriented.

We can find the authentic roots we seek, as well as enjoyment, satisfaction, growth and maturity. But to do so, we must get rid of the helplessness and confusion by being more proactive. To get better than just "satisfactory" results from life, we need to change the way we demand them, go after them, earn them, and grow to match them.

People that say, “I want more out of life” must ask themselves: "How well have I qualified myself to get more out of life? Or, do I think it should just fall out of the sky? What am I doing to earn more or to find more meaning and direction? How hard am I working at it?"

There's no such thing as security in life, but we can develop certainty within ourselves, or at least as much security as possible in a life in which death is inevitable.

Live, learn, love, and leave a legacy for posterity!

Best regards,

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One Response so far.

  1. Sarvar says:

    Thank you, Sam! Love your posts.
    Great wisdom here!


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