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FREE Real Estate Club Meetings for Life

At every monthly meeting, Sam will help you get closer to your real estate goals and realize your dreams of financial independence. The atmosphere is always a friendly one, making it easy to network, share information and meet new friends.
deal analyzer

Deal Analyzer (instant profit calculator)

A powerful tool developed from real results of successful flips in the LA area. This calculator has all costs and contingencies taken into consideration so you can quickly determine your profit with utmost confidence. Not one investor has ever lost money when using this valuable tool.

MLS Access

A very useful platform to search properties in the entire state of California. You can also find market comparables in order to accurately appraise the value of any residential property. This is the next best thing to the MLS that real estate agents use at much higher costs.
proof of funds

Proof of Funds

This is a vital key to your success in investing. Without it, your offers will never be submitted to sellers. With it, you’ll dramatically increase your chance of getting offers approved. You can also get deals financed quickly with our privately held funds for up to 90% of the value!

Free Title Account

Allows you to go online and pull property profiles. You can use this for getting comps or marketing purposes.

Ongoing Support

Every successful person has at least one good mentor. With Sam as your mentor and our staff here for support, you’ll have everything you need to excel and succeed. Sam will personally address any questions or concerns you have and inspire you to realize your full potential in life and in business.

Hands-On Training

Without a doubt, you get the best in-person, hands-on training in the industry. Not only will you get a 3 hour+ Deal Analyzer training in Sam’s Santa Monica office, you’ll also get wholesale deals from our network to practice your skills and make real offers!

Exclusive Invitations to FREE & Discounted Workshops, Classes & Seminars

To help you become the best all around investor, you need continuing education in all facets of real estate. As a VIP member, you can attend a variety of powerful seminars, workshops and classes throughout the year. You’ll have the opportunity to learn and network with other VIP’s so you can reach your goal of financial freedom in record time.

Powerful tools to help you build wealth through real estate.

  • One time setup fee + nominal monthly fee will get you into every monthly club meeting FREE for LIFE!
  • Full access to the MLS for active, pending and sold properties in most of California.
  • Access to Sam’s proprietary Deal Analyzer so you can calculate your profits quickly and accurately.
  • Ongoing support from Sam and his trained staff so you can stay local and make money in your own backyard.
  • Watch past monthly club meetings from comfort of your home. You never have to miss another club meeting again! You can stay connected to the source of knowledge 24/7.
  • Access to ever growing archived webinars, seminars and educational materials.
  • Announce your deals publicly at our club meetings.
  • Be part of the most exciting network community in person and online.
  • Have option to access other distressed properties such as foreclosures, probates, equity partnerships, etc.

Avoid the trap of paying thousands for real estate education you can't use.

Use that money for a property in our program!


I've had a chance to use your revised spreadsheet for the 20/2 Program. I'm very impressed. You and Sam have managed to simplify a really complicated process. The Spreadsheet builds from the left side. You just input basic info about a property and it automatically populates the rest of the spreadsheet with all the information you need to make quick, accurate decisions on a property. I have used a lot of spreadsheets in my corporate life and this is the most concise, powerful and effective I have ever used. Great job!

Dave C.

I just completed the second of two projects with Sam Sadat of Sam’s Real Estate Club.

The first was a whole sale deal that one of his students and he presented to me. That was the first flip I have done and was an incredible experience providing a huge education and many contacts in the industry. He saved me from some situations that increased my confidence in his abilities and integrity.

The second was a partnership with him and a couple of other investors in an out of town 8 unit complex. We went down many roads with his constant search to determine the best way to handle this deal, however in the end, we accomplished what he promised: Make Money!

Working with Sam on that last project was very revealing. He talks fast! I understand why, now. His brain is exploding with ideas and he has an abundance of projects in the works, so his mouth is working to keep up with the brain! It’s a good thing!

I depend on Sam’s Real Estate Club for making contacts and keeping up to date on the trends in the Real Estate market.

Thanks Sam!

Dave C.
Alexander C.

Sam's RE club has given me the confidence to get out there and make things happen. I've signed up for the VIP Mentorship I, and already I've felt more productive than doing things on my own. Sam really cares about his students and he and his team want to see everyone succeed. His teachings resonate with me and I feel that joining this club has been a very profitable decision. I really recommend joining the club. There's so much to learn in real estate and it's to your advantage to leverage the club.

Alexander C.
Alexander C.

Sam's RE club has given me the confidence to get out there and make things happen. I've signed up for the VIP Mentorship I and already I've felt more productive than doing things on my own. Sam really cares about his students and he and his team want to see everyone succeed. His teachings resonate with me and I feel that joining this club has been a very profitable decision. I really recommend joining the club. There's so much to learn in real estate and it's to your advantage to leverage the club.

Alexander C.
Sally D.

Can I say Wow to the information overload I got tonight?

I have been researching about Investing (and got burnt for 2k from a "guru" 2 months ago and all I can say is thank God I found you Sam! You have no idea how great I'm feeling now..I am not at a loss anymore... You gave me answers!!! And I will really be a real estate investor for real!  hahaha

I have been searching high and low for the answers I needed for this property that I would like to lock on. I will sleep sound tonight. I was feeling crappy (listening to my drunk monkey/doubting myself) when I saw Sam's Food for Thought "Your Worth is Beyond Compare" it helped me and I left the house feeling better.

I'm still having info overload in my head ( and I love it!) Thank you again and goodnight.

Sally D.
Hamid P.

Before teaching me anything about real estate, Sam helped me clarify and organize my thoughts; which I think was more important than anything else. Now I feel like I'm laser- focused on my goals and will have the momentum to start implementing all the techniques and strategies needed to accomplish my dreams. I chose Sam as my mentor because he's knowledgeable about lots of different subjects, not just real estate. It almost feels like having 6 different coaches all rolled up in one person.
I have attended many seminars, workshops, etc. in the past 6 months and all along I have been looking for the right person to be my mentor. After 15 minutes of listening to Sam in my last work shop I knew he's the coach I'd been looking for.

Hamid P.
Elaine E.

Your special training class was wonderful! You have the best programs for new investors and prospective investors. Anyone could succeed in this business by listening and using the wisdom and knowledge that you share willingly and easily. Thank you for these classes and your drive to help others.

Elaine E.
Merlin A. and Jan A.

We have been real estate students of Sam Sadat for the past year. He has been a tremendous mentor and guide to us in this real estate market. Sam always responds to our questions on a same day basis. We would highly recommend Sam Sadat and his real estate program to anyone interested in this type of venture.

Merlin A. and Jan A.
Susan V.

I am very grateful for the Deal Analyzer and the training you provided today and the patience and attention you shared. I used to spend hours perusing MLS listings (as an agent for investors) to "find a deal" when no one really specifically explained their version of "ARV" and "ROI". None of the investors I used to work with was able to give me a comprehensive worksheet or a calculator to show me exactly what they were looking for flips -- it was a lot of guessing and trial and error and they depended on me to screen properties for them. The emphasis was to "find a deal" for them. I have oftentimes spent numerous hours on spreadsheets to calculate ARV, holding costs and loan fees, etc., only not to get funding or was just too late because another investor had more cash to buy all the properties I was evaluating. There were needlessly hours spent on reviewing comps for properties that were not going to get funded or an offer submitted. I also worked with "newbie" investors who wanted me to accompany them to every property before making any analysis -- it was also a waste of time as you've confirmed today.

Much of my work as an agent was to help buyers locate properties to buy and hold and I've performed BPOs for asset managers and lenders. As an investor and agent with BPO experience, I find that I might have complicated the whole screening process by being too stringent with numbers and probably missed a bunch of deals for myself to employ the flip strategy. However, for the buyers who were buying and holding, I have done quite well for them.

I have started using the Deal Analyzer this evening and it has proven extremely helpful by keeping me focused on only information I need to add to the worksheet and saved me hours of compiling data. Coupled with the use of the MLS and the tips you've shared in the Deal Analyzer training, I find that I am making better use of my time when determining if a property meets specific investment and profitability criteria.

I recommend the Deal Analyzer to serious investors who want to save time and minimize frustration -- why "reinvent the wheel" when this wheel works?

Thank you again for the training. I am confident that your mentorship and guidance will help me close some more transactions and build a profitable portfolio.

Susan V.
Raj M.

As an engineer & MBA by background, I tend to be very analytical and perhaps even a bit skeptical. Despite this, I can tell you that Sam Sadat is the "real deal". His real estate club and his teachings are NOT comprised of "fluff" or "gimmicks" simply designed to make himself rich. The ongoing education & tools he gives are very practical, logical, and extremely valuable to those who decide to put it into action. He also understands the psychology and fear behind investing and helps you to tackle the mental challenges and stumbling blocks that can derail many novice investors. I've been a VIP member for 2 months, and I truly feel like joining the club was one of the best decisions I've made and will help me to become financially independent. Sam is quick to answer my real estate investment questions over email and provide his honest advice & analysis for my potential deals (not just what I want to hear). It is reassuring to know that I will have Sam and his real estate club as a valuable investment resource for hopefully many years to come.

Raj M.

In addition to receiving personal training from Sam, you’ll have his ongoing support and steady wholesale leads to make your journey fun, easy and exciting!

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