Whoever said life was easy didn't really know or didn't tell you the truth.

Life is difficult. Life is nothing but a battle between dualities or dichotomies. Each side needs the other to survive, to exist. In fact, one without the other has no meaning, no reality. These days life seems to be getting grim for many good folks. Why it happens is not important because we don't seem to learn from our mistakes anyways. Besides the past of a second ago is just as gone, just as ancient, as the Trojan War! There is nothing you can ever do to bring the past back, no matter how persuasive or pious you may be. So, you might as well live for the moment in order to experience the intensity of existence and carry it forward to the future.[googmonify]4494413162:right:250:250[/googmonify]

Life is a constant and never ending cycle - a tug a war between good and bad, light and dark, day and night, success and failure, happiness and sadness, pain and pleasure, hard and soft, male and female, negative and positive and so on, ad infinitum.

It's not about which side is good and which is the bad. We judge it that way and so it is. The reality is both sides need to work together for us to have the human experience, to be alive and here. We would cease to exist if one side wins over the other, the game would be over. Each side is doing its job and our job is to keep our balance and stay in the middle of the stream of life, where we find serenity, balance and peace of mind.

Examine the current mortgage crisis. The lending industry went totally out of balance and no one seemed to mind because everything was so easy. Here was the motto of the lender; if you can fog the mirror, here is a loan for you! Anything that gets that whacky is bound to produce massive repercussions. Almost everyone wants easy and detests hard. So, we all went along and now we must pay the price. But while others, not so lucky, are paying the price for their mistakes, greed, etc., you stand to benefit from it all by building a solid financial future for you and your family.

So, what can we do to help ourselves and benefit others? Recognize the opportunity for starters! Recognition is half the way to transformation. Secondly, get off your butt, make a decision to break the bonds of mediocrity and step into the realm of excellence. Become excellent in one thing, and your life develops meaning, which will usually translate into financial freedom for you and your family. Your energy becomes contagious and infuses others around you to follow your lead, making a difference in their lives.

If you have a vehicle with the potential for helping you achieve financial independence, by all means stick to it and make it happen in the next few years. If you miss this opportunity you may as well get ready to downgrade your life substantially. You think the cost of living in general, and real estate in particular, is high now, just wait 5-7 years. You wouldn't believe the price of gas, cars, produce, utilities, schools, insurance, etc. They will drive the majority into poverty level. Most will be poor, some financially independent and few highly wealthy. Where do you want to be?

But if you are still looking for a success vehicle, we can help you. Call us and ask for Sam, John or Peter. You'll receive our free consultation in which we'll analyze your financial situation and provide you with powerful options and effective advice. Our doors are open to you all. We embrace the opportunity to help you move toward your dreams in 2008.

I wish you Happy Holidays. May the New Year bring you health, joy and prosperity.

Kindest personal regards,
Sam Sadat

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