Flipping Houses for Big Money!

flipping housesOur VIPs are making solid profits flipping houses. The hardest part is finding viable opportunities but luckily, we have a nice handle on this challenge. All our flips are in LA and surrounding counties and many have nice profit margins. Although our VIPs get the first chance to buy our inventory, some good ones may still be available for non-VIP investors in our network. Take a few minutes to fill out the short application below and register your name to receive future flip opportunities.

Upon submitting your application, you’ll be forwarded to our “Hot Properties” page. We hope that you can find your first viable deal in our inventory and join countless number of investors who’ve been making money with us flipping properties!

Make sure you are familiar with both of these formulas: 1% Rule | The Rule of 72

Fill out the following form:

I. Investors must do their own due diligence. All estimates of rehab, construction, and after repair values are the opinion of the seller and provided for convenience only.

II. The information within marketing emails, in an effort to sell properties, is not guaranteed including, but not limited to the condition of the house/structure/property, permits, square footage of lot and structure and must be verified by buyer.

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