Why Do We Resent Our Life Experiences?

Since I had many emails and calls about my insight at the last month's meeting, I decided to share my thoughts for those of you who missed out.  As many of you know, we are not just another real estate club where all you hear is nuts and bolts without any regards to what inspires us to act.  A positive attitude, motivation to take action and understanding your human nature are just as important in helping you achieve your goals in life.  

There are many ways in which we deprive ourselves from experiencing life in the moment.  Some are obvious and easy to identify but others are more subtle and thus more difficult to pinpoint.  Feeling angry is an obvious form of resenting life in the moment.  Being impatient is a subtle for of resentment.  When you are impatient you are telling the Universe that you don't like what's happening to you and thus removing yourself from the precious present time experience.  There are other subtle forms of resentment that do just as much damage to your life experiences.  Irritation, nervousness, being "fed up" can also zap the life out of you because your attention now shifts to somewhere other than the present moment.  You are in essence sending a signal to the Universe that you are resenting what is happening to you.  What's worse is that you think by doing so the Universe will actually feel sorry for you and change its operating procedure just to make you "happy."  

I know this may be hard for some of you to grasp but the truth is that you are getting what you deserve right now.  The Universe knows best what you need to experience at any given moment based on your thoughts, words and actions in the past.  If you don't like what's happening to you now, examine the content of your mind in the past.  If you want to know what future holds for you, examine your thoughts in the present.  

One purpose of our physical existence is to experience joy.  If you are not feeling joy in your heart you are cheating yourself.  To experience joy you need to embrace what the Universe gives you at all times.  To be able to accept what's coming your way, you need to become more aware of your thoughts, words and actions.  Next time you feel impatient, irritated or "fed up", remind yourself of the repercussions of such subtle forms of resentment.  You resent the NOW and the Universe will give you more of the same kind of "crap" you cannot stand.  Ultimately, you may end up being a nervous wreck and completely removed from reality.     

How do you apply this knowledge to your life?  Raise your awareness.  Become more conscious of your surrounding.  Observe at much deeper levels.  Next time you experience any of these resentments, immediately say to yourself that what's happening is exactly what's supposed to be happening and that's always the best possible scenario under the circumstances.  This way, you stay more in the present, experience more joy and let the Universe know you're growing as human being.  I guarantee that this new shift in your attitude will cause the Universe to respond with much more favorable results.  And before you know it, you life will be filled with joy and prosperity.

 Best regards, 

Sam Sadat          

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