You are already positioned to escape to a higher plane of performance...

“On the way to your goal, you’ll discover that you know more than you know you know.”
---Sam Sadat

Don’t bog down in getting prepared for making a quantum leap in your life. Whatever else you need will come as you go. You could make a career out of laying the groundwork to do something big in real estate. You need to understand that don’t “prepare” for a quantum leap. You make it, and then fine tune your approach. You go for it, instead of forever getting ready so you will be sure to get it right. “Zero defects” is a hostile concept in the pursuit of your goals.[googmonify]4494413162:right:250:250[/googmonify]

First you act, and then you frame out the details of your strategy. Move on your dreams…start… and let what happens help you develop a coherent game plan. Flexibility is the crucial element. Strategy formulation then evolves naturally out of your discovery process.

Once again, a quantum leap is something you are already prepared to do! A quantum leap is a move that is yours for the taking. Right now. It represents a giant step you can make merely by deciding to and opening yourself up to the resources presently available to serve you. “Getting ready” is, quite frankly, a stalling tactic, an act of anxiety, a con game you’re working on yourself. You are already positioned to escape to a higher plane of performance. If you wait until you can get it perfect, you will never get it at all.

Best Regards,
Sam Sadat

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