Your Doubts Are Your Traitors!

In the words of Shakespeare, your doubts are your traitors.  What is doubt? Simply stated, it’s a state of uncertainty, hesitation, and lack of confidence or trust.  In fact, doubt is akin to fear.  With our current state of economy it’s almost normal to feel fear and worse yet it’s acceptable to justify fear.  So many people these days think they’re entitled to their doubts, fears and resentments and go to extremes to defend these weak positions.  What they don’t realize is that in this process they’re actually betraying themselves and their very essence of being. 


To ask yourself a why question every time something undesirable happens is a prescription for disaster.  Who cares why something happens when we have no notion of the grand scheme of things.  Your job is to say yes to the Universe and what it offers you at any given time.  Your job is to trust the Universe or God or the Divine Organizing Intelligence and never doubt that it always wants the best for you no matter how bad it may appear on the surface. 


Having a deep level of trust means you have total certainty.  It means you have no doubt about the outcome which will always be for your own good, sooner or later.  It means you won’t betray your essence of being and allow the Universe to offer you more of its providence.  I know to some of you this all may seem far fetched or incredulous but this option is a heck of a lot more empowering than coming from distrust or fear.  Of course, you have the right to dismiss my idea and continue with your own system of doubt and fear.  But remember that you’re only putting your own sanity at risk.  Not to mention further deterioration of your mental, physical and emotional states. 


I highly encourage you to accept what’s happening in your life as an opportunity to grow.  Instead of putting up resistance which will eventually cause your system to short circuit, allow things to unfold naturally.  Just sit still and observe.  Open up your mind and heart and get ready.  All answers will come to you naturally and your world will begin to blossom in full color and beauty.  This is how the wisest men and women of history been able to experience joy knowing that all is well no matter how bad they may seem.  And my friends this is the paradox of our earthly existence.


Kindest regards,


Sam Sadat       

Posted in  Inspirational and Educational

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