Your Mistakes Can Help You Succeed in Life

Use your mistakes to focus and draw awareness to an area of your life that needs improvement. Challenge yourself to do better next time. Instead of saying, “I’m so bad at this,” say “I’m better than this.” That’s how you can use your mistakes to your advantage so you can succeed. I know it’s hard to forgive yourself, but you need to learn that quickly, if you wish to maintain your sanity and live a life of abundance. Therefore, forgive yourself easily, but remember the lessons you learn from your mistakes. You’ve earned them, after all.

According to Abraham Maslow, at any given moment in life, you have two options: Move forward into growth or step back into safety (comfort zone). When you say to yourself “I’m better than this”, you’re assured of moving in the direction of growth and thus, prosperity. When you say to yourself, “I’m bad at this”, you’re stepping back into your comfort zone and safety of status quo. To my knowledge, nothing great has ever been achieved when one is afraid to take risks. So, every time you think you cannot do something, say to yourself: “I MUST DO IT!” And therein lies your opportunity to maximize your potential as a human being!

In other words, if you have a fixed mindset, you think your abilities are carved into stone and any tiny stumble reveals your ultimate inadequacy at a given task (or as a human being). Conversely, if you have a mindset focused on growth, you view every challenge and setback as an opportunity to get a little bit better and you know that falling short is a natural part of the process.

It’s the difference between saying “I’m so bad at this” vs. “I’m better than this, or I can get better at this.”

So, just focus on getting back in the game and getting a little bit better each time you stumble. And yes, you can use your mistakes to focus on what needs to be done to improve yourself and achieve greatness... which is your birthright.

Sam Sadat

Posted in  Blog, Food For Thought, Home, Inspirational and Educational

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