I enjoyed the interactive approach during Sam’s Private Lending workshop that kicked off this Saturday. Sam has intentionally kept the group small, which proves to be very effective. Sam is able to teach us complicated concepts and methods in very simple and easy to understand terms, ideas and approaches. Towards the later part of the day we also have the opportunity to practice the drills of how to engage potential borrowers and investors. I found the tips on Being, Doing and Having of great use, such that we can present ourselves to potential clients in an easy and effective manner with conciseness and focus. The real life examples he uses throughout the workshop are invaluable. Overall the workshop provided a solid foundation and a practical way to start this business. Sam’s ongoing support will be priceless! Moreover, Sam has always inspired me with his visions and perspectives in life, that life is more than just work and die without a purpose. I must seize the opportunities to achieve my goals. I come away motivated, confident and ready to do some deals! I am grateful for Sam for his coaching and support through the years!

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