About Sam's Real Estate Club


  • Are you tired of getting the "sizzle but no steak" at real estate meetings?
  • Are you sick of spending a ton of money on “educational” materials that don’t teach you anything new?
  • Is there something missing in your knowledge base or do you need to learn the most current strategies?
  • Are you seeking to overcome the fear of making your first deal?
  • Do you think you need lots of money and excellent credit to make money in Real Estate?
  • Want to learn the best wholesaling techniques and viable flipping strategies to make $100,000+ per year?
  • Do you need money partners to fund your deals?
  • Are you interested in getting live wholesale deals on a regular basis?
  • Would you enjoy networking with other real estate pros in a safe and empowering environment?

If you answered yes to at least four of the above questions, you've come to the right place.

Recognized by many industry experts as the number one real estate networking venue in Los Angeles, Sam’s Real Estate Club has been delivering the best combination of real estate education and personal development since May 2003. During this time, Sam has helped thousands of people learn, network and prosper by attending his meetings, seminars and mentorship programs.

At every monthly meeting, Sam will help you get closer to your real estate goals and realize your dreams of financial independence. The club’s attendees are from all walks of life, but they all share a common desire to improve their quality of life, regardless of the size of their bank accounts. The atmosphere is always a friendly one, making it easy to network, share information and meet new friends.

Each seminar lasts about two-and-a-half hours, preceded by an hour of socializing and networking. Sam starts off each meeting with his insights on how to boost your confidence and improve your attitude, so you can achieve superior success and happiness in life. Sam’s inspirational talks will help you revitalize your desire to attain greatness, which he believes is everyone’s right in life.

Sam and his network of real estate experts will renew your sense of purpose with their educational talks on the most current, profitable and practical real estate topics. You'll learn about wholesaling techniques, flipping strategies, land lording, legal matters, apartment building syndications, home inspection, lease options, land trusts and so much more. Sam’s attendees often explain that the reason they keep coming back every month is because, “Sam’s energy is contagious!”

At Sam’s RE Club your education is affordable, and all excuses are removed from your path to success. Let Sam and his team of real estate experts help you get the highest quality education, develop your skills and build your own mastermind team, so you can achieve your financial objectives.

Anyone can attend these events for just $15 per meeting (valet parking included!), and once you’re ready to commit to excellence and massive success, we have three levels of membership/mentorship programs to choose from. To learn more about the awesome benefits of becoming a VIP Member, click here.

In the words of Benjamin Disraeli, “Not all Action may lead to happiness, but there is no happiness without Action.”

One thing’s for sure — You will learn how to take action at Sam’s Real Estate Club. We want you to be happy and prosperous because we believe you deserve the best life can give.

Here’s a list of topics we cover at our meetings, seminars and workshops:

  • Power Panels of Successful Local Investors
  • Power Panels of Real Estate Experts
  • The Latest Wholesaling Techniques
  • The Most Current Fix and Flip Strategies
  • Buy and Hold Cash Flow Properties
  • Apartment Building Syndications
  • Buying Bank Owned Properties
  • Using Self-Directed IRAs to Buy Real Estate
  • Finding Bargain Properties
  • “Subject to”Acquisitions and Assigning Contracts
  • Rehabbing, Foreclosures and Short Sales
  • "Nothing Down" strategies
  • Probate Properties
  • Finding Private Money Sources
  • Lease/Options & Lease/Purchases
  • Creative Financing Techniques
  • Buying Discounted Notes & Mortgages
  • 1031 Exchanges & Other Tax Matters
  • Landlord & Property Management

Disclaimer: Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. This is not to be construed as an offer of securities or membership interests. There are numerous risks associated with investing in real estate and there is no assurance that any investment will achieve, or will continue to achieve, its objectives. Prospective investors should perform their own independent due diligence to confirm all property, project and investment information.
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