An Urgent Appeal from Sam Sadat

Have you all seen the global unrest? How about the state of affairs nationally? Are most people happy where they are mentally, emotionally or financially? How are you doing? Better, happier, more successful?

The fact is we're in trouble as a nation. As the gap in income between the rich and the poor widens, both in net worth and cash flow, we get one step closer to a revolution. The uprising of the masses is not unlike the history witnessed in the French Revolution. What made America great in the world was its middle class. I use the past tense intentionally because it's no longer the case. America is fast approaching a two class society, the very rich and the very poor. As the middle class disappears. the dark clouds of revolution roll in. Mark my words. I can foresee the future. Unless we take decisive action to preserve this purely American ingenuity alive, say good bye to the America we know and love.

Note the only caveat to my prediction is not the "if", it's the "when." The only way we can avert this catastrophe is to change our ways.

If we keep doing what we have in the last 50 years, the devastating outcome is certain. I'm not a politician, and thank God for that, nor do I have all of the answers, but I am a time traveler of sorts. I came from the future to warn you to change your decisions. All the great movements in history started by ordinary citizens: partisans, business people, teachers, philosophers, poets, etc. Over the past century, only a few of our political leaders have created a better society or helped humanity as a whole.

So, it's up to each individual person to get up and take a stand for his or her own success. They didn't build it so you have to! Along the way, we ought to advocate and demand a more equitable distribution of income and protect the middle class from unethical ploys by the vested interest design to deprive them of their life savings, homes, and much more.

If we are successful in turning it around, we'll witness a resurgence of America to become an honest and ethical society of the future, an example for all the world to follow. Otherwise, in a society where legality is more important than honesty and where morality takes the place of personal ethics we will be doomed......

To do our part to expedite our growth in all areas of life, I'm encouraging every one of you to make a commitment to your personal financial, emotional, spiritual and mental success. I just got a text today reminding me what Doug Larson says... "80% of Success is showing up". So, show up and support my cause to help you and your loved ones to achieve financial independence. Only then can you affect positive change around you in knowing we will make America even greater than when we found it.

September 26 is a very important meeting for everyone. We are rolling out the most incredible opportunity to change your life... In fact, you can even get it for FREE when you show up at the next club meeting. The time is now to take a stand, make a change and to make the best of your life the rest of your life. See you next Wednesday!

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