Premiere Workshop: Creating Profitable Partnerships with Distressed Property Owners - Sep. 1

Live Event with Arturo Olivas
Plus Sam Sadat's Intro on 2019 Real Estate Outlook

Learn How to Make Money by Using This Unique, Powerful Strategy

Date: Saturday, Sep. 1, 2018
Time: 9:30am-4pm
21151 S. Western Ave, Suite 251, Torrance, CA 90501


Finding Distressed Homeowners

  • Databases
  • Filtering
  • Creating a call list
Creating a System

  • Calling blocks
  • Database management
  • Recording results
Prospecting and Marketing

  • Scripts
  • Door knocking
  • Letters and postcard strategies
Case Studies

  • How we found them
  • Establishing equity
  • How much money was made


VIP Pre-Registration $99 ($139 at the door)
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Non VIP Pre-Registration $229 ($299 at the door)
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VIP Level 3 Members Attend for FREE!

Space is limited to 20 people. Register ASAP!

Read what past attendees said:

Arturo’s workshop was great. It was very informative. Very valuable information was provided. Highly recommended if you’re interested in targeting foreclosures.
-Art M.

I learned a lot at Arturo’s workshop. I learned about the timeline for the foreclosure process, how to find people in foreclosure and Arturo’s unique approach to offer a solution to these people’s real estate problem by partnering with them to avoid a great loss on their property.
-Rich A.

The information is detailed and applicable to real life situations. The step-by-step information is based on previous experience from investors currently executing deals in today’s market. The workshop is easily worth the cost of the training several times over. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone seeking detailed information regarding equity partnerships with distressed homeowners.
-Thomas M.

Sam and Arturo’s no-nonsense approach to real estate investing, including the assurance of their support on viable deals, gave me the confidence to take action without the fear of getting stuck. I highly recommend Sam’s Real Estate Investing Club VIP membership and Arturo’s system.

This is a great, hands on approach to launching a substantial real estate business with moderate risk, moderate capital demands and favorable returns.
-Melinda S.

Initially I was unsure if this would be the same regurgitated information from various systems I've purchased over the years. How wrong I was! Arturo blew me away! Great!
-Christopher P.

I was very excited to come to this workshop and I'm glad I did! I was struggling with a script to approach homeowners and this workshop provided that and so much more!
-Rhonda R.

I highly recommend the workshop with Arturo and Sam. Arturo was very informative, providing strategy, data gathering and how to communicate with the homeowners.
-Elizabeth O.

This training was excellent! Arturo gave hands-on examples of his contact with clients, as well as an overview of some of his actual deals.
-Jeff K.

I appreciate that there was no up selling! The tuition is affordable. The material presented was honest, precise and direct to the point. This was by far the best value for the money. Arturo showed how to get the ball rolling and keep it rolling!
-Danielle & Craig M.

Arturo was great! He was very direct and didn't hold anything back. The information provided is so relevant to today's market or any market. I feel privileged to have been part of the seminar. Thanks Arturo and Sam!
-Noah V.

The information was excellent and very instructional. I truly enjoyed it and I would recommend the training for any serious investor.
-Ken S.

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