August's "Food For Thought" 2013

by Sam Sadat

People often complain about lack of time and how there just aren't enough hours in a day. But did you know you can actually create time? Did you know that you can slow time down? It is as simple as applying Einstein's Theory of General Relativity to your everyday living!

In simple language, motion through space affects the passage of time. Although the effects are more noticeable at higher speeds, the principle is the same at any speed. Imagine if you could put 1.2 seconds into each and every second? You would gain more than four hours each and every day to achieve your most sought after goals.

Want to write a book? You can!  Want to climb Mount Everest? You can!

Want to build your Real Estate Empire?  YOU CAN!

Another great consequence or by-product of speeding up your actions is increasing your level of personal power. Higher confidence level means more success.

How do we apply these scientific axioms to life?

  1. Move quicker through space. Speed up your actions and be deliberate with your creation. Quick movements through space, with adequate speed and direction will literally give you more time during the day to achieve more! This is not wishful thinking. It's a scientific fact.
  2. Answer your calls whenever possible. I answer mine, always, if I'm not on a more important call, the caller ID is known and I'm not doing something urgent. This is especially true for the self employed and real estate professionals.
  3. Make quick decisions. First realize that by not making a decision you are making a decision not to make one! Secondly, you can always change it later. Change is one constant in life. So, learn to make up your mind quickly but reserve the right to change it later if it proved to be ineffective.
  4. Stop procrastinating. I hope you're not one of those people with a sign in your home or office to remind you daily of this very commonly displayed message: I stop putting things off starting tomorrow! The problem with procrastination is that it not only wastes your time but it also saps your mental and emotional capacity. It leads to over thinking which would lead to burning your mental fuses, reducing efficiency and ultimately paralysis! By that I mean that you will find it hard to take your body from point A to point B without feeling some pain and discomfort! You become lazy. And laziness, not eating the forbidden fruit, is the original sin of humanity.
  5. Don't think, predict. Thinking, or rather over thinking, is the inability to predict. If you begin any task, endeavor or mission, with the end in mind and map it to completion, you'll need not to think too much along the way. Instead, you'll gain the ability to know the cycle of cause and effect. With that clarity, you can make good predictions and be prepared for every outcome.

When you attend my real estate club meetings, workshops and seminars, you will gain valuable real estate knowledge for sure but we'll also help to improve your attitude to embrace your success fully. Join us and see for yourself how my club, Sam's Club, is the best real estate forum in California.

Good luck,
Sam Sadat

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