Investment Opportunities

Foreclosure Auctions

Often, foreclosures end on the courthouse steps with a trustee sale. Great bargains can be found here but you can easily get burned. Sam’s RE Club can teach you the secrets of how to master the trustee sale process and through our professional affiliates, we can show you a portfolio of these properties for your

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Real Estate Syndications

A syndication is just a fancy name for a form of partnership. It’s an ownership of real estate by two sets of partners. Managing Partners (Syndicators) find a distressed property (generally an apartment building), rehab it, stabilize its income and manage it 100%. Equity Partners put up most of the capital needed for acquisition, rehab

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Invest Out of State

With CA real estate prices out of reach for many investors, you may wish to explore your out of state options. As a rule, we encourage our investors to stay local, but that may be easier said than done. There are still many areas near LA where you can invest with a lot less money

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Real Estate Loans

Private/Hard Money Loans Since 2003, Sam's Real Estate Club has been been making competitive private loans to various investors from all walks of life. These loans have helped investors with short term transactional funding, or fix and flips, as well as longer term loans for their rental properties. Unlike many other companies, your approval does

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Become a Private Lender

Is your money parked at the local bank earning 1/2-2% per annum? Do you want high returns but not tenant-toilet-termite headaches? Do you want your...

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