Food For Thought

Sam’s Insight Special Edition On COVID-19

We are in an unfamiliar territory and the future looks uncertain. Fear has gripped the world and our government is in virtual chaos. Media is confused and bent on spreading fear instead of offering comfort. Everyday a ton of false rhetoric and fake news hits us and no one knows who to believe anymore. So,

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Sam’s insight: March 2020

When there is something within you that moves in the right direction, it creates its own discipline. As the life of awareness settles on your darkness, whatever is evil will disappear and whatever is good will be fostered. The moment you slap a label on someone your understanding of that person has stopped. You transform

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Are You Destined for Greatness?

The most common nemesis of both new and seasoned real estate investors is inaction! Many use the excuse of no money as their number one reason for procrastination. In fact, the number one reason for failure in life is the FEAR OF ACTION. Many people are simply too afraid to try. Think of this, anyone

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