Life is Not Meant to be a Struggle

If you think yours is, you are right. You’re just thinking it, it’s in your thoughts, in your mind, in your world. Problems are not in the world. They all live within you. They’ve never been because there’s nothing wrong with world anyway. If you think you have a problem, look no further than yourself, or better stated, your programming. We’ve all been programmed from the moment we were born to respond to the world with the only thing we have in us, bad programming. Yes, just like a computer, we have a bad software.

So, is it possible to be happy in the face of “life’s problems?” Yes, it is, but it does take some effort. If it were easy, we would have more happy people out there.

We are unhappy because we have desire for attachments. If we can give up our desire for attachments, we can have a peace of mind and inner joy.

Your attachments confine you. Giving up your desire for attachments does not mean you’re removing yourself from life. It simply means your happiness is not dependent upon anything or anyone. It means that your happiness is not dependent on money, job, car, spouse, or even your kids. Does this mean you don’t care about your family? Not at all. In fact, it’s just the opposite. You would probably appreciate them even more because you’re not taking them for granted. When you are not attached to anything or anyone, you are free as a bird because you are not being manipulated by them. Remember that the foundation of life is freedom, the objective of life is joy, and the result of life is growth. Are your growing? If so, well done. If not, get busy growing now. In the immortal words of Mark Twain, the secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Sam Sadat

Posted in  Blog, Home, Inspirational and Educational, Sam Sadat

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