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Every real estate investor will tell you that you can't do it alone.

It takes a team. You will need real estate agents, mortgage brokers, hard and private money lenders, a good lawyer, an accountant, appraisers, contractors, property managers and many others on your team.

Successful investors will also tell you that, above all, you cannot succeed without a good mentor. In fact, your success in any field of endeavor is predicated upon the quality of mentorship you receive.

This real life investing experience takes you out into the real world where you find, qualify, offer on, purchase, rehab and resell or hold your very own properties all under the supervision and guidance of our highly qualified investment staff.

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For those of you who wish to take the quantum leap into higher levels of productivity and success, please fill out the following form to find out about my "Power Mentoring" Program. I will be by your side 24/7 to guide you through the actual process of acquisition, rehab and sale of your first property so you gain the confidence to do it on your own. This Program can be customized to your specific needs and covers all areas of real estate from residential to commercial.

"Sam, the quality of your information was perfect! Best we have heard at breaking down the evaluation of properties clearly and succinctly. Both Sondra and I enjoyed it and look forward to next week."

You see, success leaves clues and a good mentor who “has been there and done that” could show you the road signs and help you avoid pitfalls. Central to my plan of your achieving a high level of prosperity is three components: Knowledge, Experience and Wisdom. I use prosperity here instead of success because it is much more than success. Money with no happiness is not worth a dime. Happiness without money is better but not acceptable to me. I want both because I am balanced.  You can be too. You can have both. Hence the word prosperity or wealth.

Getting Knowledge is the easiest part of this equation. With the advent of the Internet, the entire world is at your fingertips, literally. The Guttenberg’s invention of the printing press, which pulled Europe out of the Dark Ages, pales in comparison with the power of the Internet. What we have seen in the last 18 years is only the tip of the iceberg. What’s is unfolding before us is the greatest leap in human awareness in our entire history. It’s a very special time.
So, we are being infused with Knowledge all the time. It’s in our DNA. Knowledge is transforming Earth into a Universal Library.

Experience is the second component of your prosperity plan. How do you get experience? By taking action and being involved in the actual, physical process of its development. Being in the trenches and putting blood, sweat and tears into the process. Big mistakes are common among those armed with knowledge but empty on experience. Billions of dollars are lost  every year on the count of inexperienced investors. The best way to avoid mistakes while expediting your trek to riches is working with someone who doesn’t have to “think” in the action mode. He can predict moves and counter moves.  To predict means seeing it happen in your mind’s eye before it actually materializes. When you know, you can predict in advance what or who to avoid. This saves money and time. Superb mentoring is needed for at least your maiden journey toward building wealth in real estate.

Finally Wisdom, the final component of our prosperity plan. Wisdom is quite distinct from Experience in that it packs a bigger punch than a mere success. Wisdom is having good sense or judgment.  Wisdom is the ability to discern, to be awake and observe without bias. So, wisdom is many things experience is not. A relatively young person can be quite experienced but will certainly not be very wise. Wisdom comes with age. I’m not saying every old person is wise. But generally speaking on average older people are wiser than their younger counterparts. A wise old man or woman is truly priceless!

Enormous changes in the next few years will be changing the face of the planet in every facet of the game. But I assure you it’s ALL GOOD!. This is exactly why you want someone a lot wiser than you on your side. To summarize, a perfect mix or concoction of these three ingredients, Knowledge, Experience and Wisdom is what one needs to become financially independent, free and happy. With utmost confidence I declare that my mentoring is the best money can buy. It’s powerful, it’s local and it works!


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