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Are We Lucky or What?



You've probably heard me talk about how lucky we ALL are to be alive. For one thing, we won the very first race against all odds. One tiny sperm, amongst billions, made it to the finish line so we could come into this world!


You are so lucky to get the chance to have a physical life on this beautiful planet. What’s so good about that you might ask? After all, life can be one big pain in the neck sometimes, but I’m still grateful for this awesome opportunity, are you? I trust that you too appreciate your position, despite all the life challenges.


Ultimately, is it not preferable to be alive with many problems instead of being dead with none?!


But wait! There’s more because our streak of luck continues. We’re born on Earth, the jewel of the Milky Way Galaxy. You have no idea how incredibly difficult it is to find an Earth-like planet in the MW Galaxy, let alone the Universe. The number of galaxies and stars are so staggering that I won’t even attempt to trouble you with the math. Suffice it to say, there are more stars in the Universe than all the sands of all the world's beaches combined! To say nothing of the planets which are many times more than the stars...


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February 1

Foreclosure Forecast and 5 Ways to Create Equity in Real Estate

Kurt DeMeire, President of County Records Research


This is a moment in your investing career that is an investment in yourself and your business! When someone at the top of his game has a willingness to share their knowledge and make time in their busy schedule, doesn’t it make sense for success-minded people to make time to be there?


Kurt DeMeire is the co-founder and president of County Records Research…California’s premiere foreclosure database. Kurt started County Records Research 34 years ago as a vehicle for investors to identify and purchase foreclosure properties at up to 50% below market value.


Kurt has focused his efforts on teaching:

• Predictions on where the foreclosure market is headed

• Buying non-performing notes at a discount

• The foreclosure aspect as a key strategic element

• Investing capital to make improvements, eliminate vacancies and increase rents

• And much more!


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