Sam's Real Estate Club of Los Angeles
November 20
San Gabriel Valley


Powerful Panel of Financing Experts: Hard Money vs. Conventional

Moderated by Sam Sadat, our experts will first present and then answer questions on variety of real estate loan programs that are best suited for your specific needs as a real estate investor. Don't miss this powerful, 100% educational event.


Come find out:

  • Which financing is best for an investor?
  • What to look for in a hard money lender.
  • Investing in mortgage funds for getting high returns.
  • Direct Lender vs. Wholesale Brokerage.
  • Underwriting analysis for conventional loans.
  • Do all lenders have the same guidelines?
  • Correlation between Risk and Rate.
  • How lenders price out an interest rate.

PLUS: Sam's Insight

  • Changing weak patterns to powerful patterns

Location: Vanllee Hotel and Suites - Second Floor

1211 E Garvey St.

Covina, CA 91724







Syndication Opportunity in LA


This is a brand new real estate syndication in the City of Commerce. It's a sound project with attractive returns managed by a team of professionals specialized in this industry. For more information about this unique opportunity, click here:


Your investment is secured by real estate and is expected to give you a double digit return until sold to tenants in three years at substantial profits.


We only need another $750K raise to close escrow on December 2, 2018. I can provide you the offering memorandum, which outlines all the details.


Time is of the essence. Please review asap and call me with any questions.


Best regards,

Sam Sadat


Tomorrow! Nov 17


Premiere Workshop: Private Lending


Proven Strategy for Getting High Returns with OPM


Learn how to operate like a bank to make big profits in today's market with no money of your own! Some of our VIPs are using this strategy to get great returns on their investment without the landlording headaches!


Here is What You will Learn in this ALL-DAY Workshop:

  • How to analyze any loan inquiry quickly and accurately, so you can issue pre-approvals in one day and close the loan in 7-10 days!
  • Where to find money at low rates, so you can loan out at high rates, get a few points, plus a solid spread - you need no money of your own!
  • Where to get loan leads and how to qualify them on the phone using powerful scripts.
  • And much much more!



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