Sam’s Insight Special Edition On COVID-19

We are in an unfamiliar territory and the future looks uncertain. Fear has gripped the world and our government is in virtual chaos. Media is confused and bent on spreading fear instead of offering comfort. Everyday a ton of false rhetoric and fake news hits us and no one knows who to believe anymore.

So, what are we to do and who are we to believe? One thing is clear, we cannot overcome this challenge with the same mind and behavior that created it. We must change, and I mean change for the better. Firstly, we must set aside our differences and embrace unity instead of division. Secondly, we need to look at this crisis as an opportunity for growth, both mentally and financially. Without a doubt, mentally we’ll be stronger, individually and collectively, and that’s great, but what do we need to do to seize the opportunity, disguised in the form of adversity, and grow our wealth? It may sound counter intuitive, but building wealth is a lot easier in times of crisis when most people are hiding and few are willing to take any risks. Here’s what I’m certain of; soon we will prevail over this pesky virus and come out of our cocoons. Once again, life will be normal and businesses will flourish to greater heights. It’s not like humanity has not experienced such calamities in the past. Throughout history, nothing has killed more human beings than viruses, bacteria, and parasites that cause disease, but humanity has always managed to prevail and persist in the long run and COVID-19 is no exception.

To accelerate our progress, let’s turn fear into power by changing our attitude toward it. An axiom of life states that what you resist, persists. So, let’s give up the resistance. Allow this process to take its course while we take all the precautions and follow the rules. With enough of us rapidly changing, we will reach the critical mass needed to overcome this adversity with flying colors.

For what is worth, this is what I think we should implement as soon as we can.

  1. Stop watching the news. Read the headlines to be informed, but don’t overdose on it. It’s best to stop the influx of negativity into your life. It will consume you and saps your energy.
  2. Prayers and meditation are a great source of comfort and peace, but not enough to save humanity.
  3. Trust science to find the cure. Don’t be misled by false information on social media. Before disseminating any information, check its validity by doing a little research on Google. As you’ll see, there are plenty of rumors, but no substance.
  4. Read inspiring books, watch empowering or humorous videos, self-reflect, and above all, stay productive. Finish those incomplete tasks you were hoping one day to find the time to tackle. Productivity is the foundation of wellbeing. If you want to be in high spirits, bring unfinished business to a closure.
  5. Don’t allow fear to dominate your thoughts, words, and deeds. Smile in the face of anxiety and fear. As General Patton famously said, fear kills more people than death. Here’s what FEAR stands for: face everything and rock! Practice active relaxation such as painting, playing an instrument, singing happy songs, playing happy music, etc.
  6. Change is the only constant in the universe. This too shall pass and soon we will look back and be proud of ourselves for demonstrating strength of will to overcome this unprecedented crisis.

Stay safe, be well, and never allow fear to mask your joy of being alive. We are here to help you in any way that we can. So, reach out to us and we’ll be there for you.
Much love, Sam

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