September's "Food For Thought" 2013

You'll be happy to know that, last I checked, the laws governing miracles have not been repealed. Moreover, manifesting miracles is not exclusive to a lucky few. They're available to all who refuse to believe in the concept of "impossible". After all, couldn't "impossible" be simply read as "I'm possible?"

Although the mechanics of creating miracles in one's life remain mysterious, many of us, consciously or unconsciously, have already made them happen in our own lives - or at least we know people who have. Let's be clear; we're not talking about parting the Red Sea or brining the dead back to life. The word miracle simply means any marvelous, wonderful, or amazing occurrence.

Being the cause of such an occurrence is ability innate to all of humanity and, though dormant in most of us, this ability can suddenly emerge under the right circumstances. No one really knows the precise mechanics of how miracles are manufactured, but I've been researching this phenomenon for years and I think I've been able to compile some pieces of the puzzle.

Below are just a few principles to experiment with. I hope you will begin to see that you too can make miracles happen in your own life.

  1. Believe that miracles are real and can happen to anyone. After all, whatever you want is already here in the world. Where else would it be? All you need to do is make them appear in your life. Believe it and you'll see it. It's not the other way around.
  2. Examine what you believe to be "impossible" and then change your beliefs. This is done by changing your thoughts. For this, self talk is crucial. Talk to yourself in a positive empowering way every day to replace those limiting thoughts you were programmed with since childhood.
  3. Don't expect a miracle. Be a miracle. This is achieved through knowing who you are, separate from your reputation, labels and possessions. Who are you really? A clump of matter suspended in time and space or a magnificent source of love, energy and potentiality? Find a quiet place, close your eyes and try to perceive your greater self. You'll soon realize you're not a human being having a spiritual experience; you're a spiritual being having a human experience.
  4. You often hear me talk about how we're all energy. This is not New Age chatter but Quantum Physics talking. Energy in different frequency or vibration becomes matter in all its varied shapes and forms, us included. Miracles don't happen when you're hard and closed up. They happen when you're soft and receptive. You can do this by getting connected with and resonating with the rhythm of life. The more you can harmonize your thoughts, words, and actions the more life responds to you. And this response can sometimes take the form of the miracles you so desperately seek. Meditate often, walk in nature, and look up toward the skies rather than down toward the ground. That's one big difference between humans and animals. We can hold our heads high and look at the skies while animals are gazing down. Miracles are up above not down below.

Now go out there and be a miracle!


PS: If you're interested in attending my upcoming brand new seminar on "Miracles Allowed", let me know by email me ASAP.

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