Win Free Mining the California Foreclosure Market Training Bootcamp!

To celebrate our new website, and to help us choose a name for our new and improved National Club of Real Estate Investors (NCREI) newsletter we are going to give away TWO Seats at our next Foreclosure Training bootcamp in Los Angeles.One seat will go to the person who chooses a name that we use for our newsletter.  It should reflect that NCREI provides Real Estate Investment Training.  This certainly includes foreclosures, short sales, and owner financing techniques, but when the market changes again - so will we.  So the name should be adaptable and not too long, or focused solely on Los Angeles, or California investing since we also invest out of state.  Suggested names can be submitted through our Contact Us link (keeps us from losing track of who suggested what and when in the case of the same submission).

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The Foreclosure Market: Be Open, Optimistic and Most of All - Educated

A record high in defaults, foreclosures, and distressed property owners has created an unprecedented window of opportunity for short sale, foreclosure, and owner financing investors. The window is there, but you must go and open it. I think that your mind set, perception, and motivation are the most important factors in taking advantage of these unique market conditions.

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This is the Best Real Estate Market in a Decade!

Many investors and homeowners will be shocked by that statement, but if you are an owner-financing type investor, the next three to five years are going to provide you with tremendous opportunities.

Sellers used to hire a real estate agent, the agent would put the house in the MLS, and then homeowner would start packing and the agent would start spending their commission check. Agents merely had to sort through the offers, and choose one that offered the best terms and the most money over the asking price. Like the spaghetti western, those days are gone, along with many of the real estate agents and mortgage brokers that flooded the market during the real estate boom.

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