An Urgent Appeal from Sam Sadat

Have you all seen the global unrest? How about the state of affairs nationally? Are most people happy where they are mentally, emotionally or financially? How are you doing? Better, happier, more successful? The fact is we're in trouble as a nation. As the gap in income between the rich and the poor widens, both in

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Be Real With Yourself

As you may know, one of my life mentors is Ralph Waldo Emerson. I was reading one of his essays again when I came across this awesome excerpt. "The key to every man is his thought. Sturdy and defying though he look, he has a helm which he obeys, which is the idea after which

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An Urgent Appeal

For those of you thinking real estate prices will be going down more, don’t hold your breaths! Socal properties are recovering slowly, but surely. The foreign investors are gobbling up our inventory at record pace and before you know it, the game will be over. Do not allow yourself to be left out from an

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Sam's Video Blog on "Productivity"

Sure you may be "busy", but are you being "productive"? The reality is that they are not the same.

Are you completing tasks? Productivity is one's ability to finish a task...

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Expect the best and get what you deserve from life...

Yes we all know what's happening. The cost of living is on the rise, the home values are plummeting, people are under pressure, the sky is falling and the future looks bleak. Sam, what kind of message of hope is this? Well, I want you to know that I am in touch with what's happening. Unlike many other experts, I don't live in my bullet proof ivory tower dispensing rhetoric. I feel the pain and emphasize with all of you good folks who are going thru hard times. I'm here to help, so feel free to call me anytime.

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Whoever said life was easy didn't really know or didn't tell you the truth.

Life is difficult. Life is nothing but a battle between dualities or dichotomies. Each side needs the other to survive, to exist. In fact, one without the other has no meaning, no reality. These days life seems to be getting grim for many good folks. Why it happens is not important because we don't seem to learn from our mistakes anyways. Besides the past of a second ago is just as gone, just as ancient, as the Trojan War! There is nothing you can ever do to bring the past back, no matter how persuasive or pious you may be. So, you might as well live for the moment in order to experience the intensity of existence and carry it forward to the future.

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Have you noticed that an unprecedented opportunity is about to unfold in the real estate industry?

The crisis we’re about to encounter can provide the astute and educated investor with a great chance to become financially independent. We all know that we can make money in a good market, but history shows we can get very rich in a bad one. Now more than ever, I’m dedicated to bring more applicable knowledge of what it takes to succeed in the coming bad years. What we need now is the necessary knowledge to acquire real estate creatively through lease options, “subject to”, short sales, discounted notes and much more. So, get ready for a great opportunity to own real estate with little or no money.

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Stand tall, speak your mind, and believe in yourself...

Start the New Year on the right track. Make a decision to be the master of your thoughts. What you think has enormous power over what you say to yourself and others, and what will eventually manifest: good, bad, or ugly! The real trick is to harmonize your thoughts, words, and actions. This harmony will put you in the driver’s seat of your life.

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The game of negotiating is a delicate balance between give and take...

The game of negotiating is a delicate balance between give and take, or “reach" and "withdraw.” This concept is a powerful tool not just in sales but also in managing all of our interpersonal relationships.

Let’s say you like someone a lot and wish to date them. If you keep "reaching" for them by constantly trying contacting them, they are are going to loose interest in you quickly. By interrupting the vital balance of "reach" and "withdraw" you’re not giving them a chance to meet you half way.

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